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Which baby toiletry bag to choose?

Which baby toiletry bag to choose?

The care kit contains essential accessories for the hygiene and toilet of toddlers. It is particularly useful when traveling with baby. Here are the top 5 newborn toiletry bags of the moment.

How to choose a care and toiletry kit for babies?

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a care and toiletry kit for babies:

To favor the functional side of a baby care kit, opt for a model with a large capacity, but sporting compact dimensions. Thus, it will be able to contain all the essential accessories for the toilet of your little one, namely:

  • scissors
  • A bath thermometer
  • A hairbrush
  • A nail clipper
  • A baby fly

The material of manufacture

Here are the different materials used to make a baby care and toiletry kit:

  • Plastic
  • Latex
  • Polyester

The care kit will be used daily for baby’s toilet and hygiene. Therefore, it must be ergonomically designed. It should also be compact. The presence of the following items is additionally required for a baby care kit to qualify as practical:

  • Elastic compartments
  • Zipped pockets inside and outside
  • A waterproof lining

As the care kit contains essential accessories for baby’s hygiene and grooming, it must be maintained properly. Always place it in a clean place to avoid the risk of exposure to germs. In addition, a baby care kit should be cleaned regularly with soapy water.

Our choice: a care and toiletry bag with 9 accessories

Looking for an elegant, durable and complete care and toiletry bag for your little one? Bet on the toiletry and care kit for babies in gray and blue colors developed by the Babymoov brand. It is composed of the following nine accessories:

  • A hairbrush
  • A digital thermometer
  • A bath thermometer
  • A baby nose fly by mouth suction with a flexible tip
  • A nail file
  • A nail clipper
  • A gum massager
  • A pair of scissors
  • A teething ring

The Babymoov baby toiletry and care kit is our favorite product due to its compact dimensions of ‎22 x 18 x 5cm. So you can keep it nearby in the bathroom or put it in the diaper bag when you go out with baby. In addition, this care kit has several compartments where you can place your child’s other personal belongings. It is also equipped with a large handle to facilitate its transport. Note that this baby care kit is made of polyester.

A complete baby care kit consisting of 8 accessories

The complete care kit of Philips Avent SCH400/00 in blue and yellow color is made of rigid silicone. Therefore, it is washable with water. This toiletry bag also has the advantage of containing:

  • An ultra-soft hairbrush
  • A professional precision digital thermometer
  • A comb with rounded teeth
  • A manual baby nose cleaner equipped with a flexible and soft tip
  • A pair of blunt-ended scissors
  • A massage finger for the gums
  • Three nail files
  • A nail clipper

We suggest you invest in the Philips Avents SCH400/00 toiletry bag in blue and yellow, as it has compact dimensions of 12 x 17.5 x 5cm. What’s more, it is light with its weight of only 0.262 kg. Another advantage of this first aid kit for newborns? It has several elastic bands to allow the accessories to hold correctly in place.

A compact care kit with 7 accessories

Made of clear plastic, the Badabulle Plouf baby care and toiletry kit contains 7 useful everyday accessories, such as:

  • A bath thermometer
  • A hairbrush
  • A pair of scissors
  • 4 nail files
  • A silicone gum mass
  • A comb
  • A nail clipper

We love Badabulle’s Plouf Grooming and Grooming Kit because it comes with a large capacity of 23.2 x 6 x 17.5cm. However, it remains ultra light with its weight of 0.280 kg. In addition, it has several pockets to store other baby things. Its elastic bands are specially designed to allow the various accessories to hold in place. What also seduces us about the Badabulle Plouf care kit? It sports an attractive design embellished with pretty patterns.

A transportable baby care kit containing 6 accessories

The Suavinex Hygge Baby Grooming & Grooming Kit is contains everything you need to pamper baby on a daily basis. Nicely colored in pink, it is composed of:

  • Of a comb with rounded teeth
  • A hairbrush with ultra-soft nylon bristles
  • A pair of scissors with rounded tips
  • A nail file
  • A nail clipper
  • One finger silicone toothbrush

We are seduced by the pink care and toiletry bag, because it is both compact and solid. In addition, the handle that equips it makes it easy to transport. Attention! The accessories making up this care set must not be used in combination with products likely to contain alcohol. For cleaning, gently rub each of them with a soft damp cloth soaked in soapy water.

A care set consisting of 5 practical accessories

Are you having trouble choosing among the different models of baby care and toiletry bags available on the market? And if you opt for the Sailor blue toilet set created by the brand Bébé Confort? It measures ‎17 x 12 x 17cm and weighs 0.260g. This care kit is also equipped with a practical storage system to better store the five accessories that make it up, namely:

  • A comb with rounded ends
  • A soft brush with mirror
  • A nail clipper;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • A bath thermometer

The Sailor blue care and toiletry bag created by the Bébé Confort brand is among our selection because it is machine washable. To maintain the quality of the material used for its manufacture, abrasive products should be avoided during cleaning.

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