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What toiletry bag to take care of baby?

What toiletry bag to take care of baby?

What is the use of a baby care kit?

The toiletry bag is essential for taking care of baby on a daily basis. It contains useful and essential accessories for filing and cutting nails, combing and brushing hair, blowing baby’s nose, controlling the temperature of his bath or brushing his teeth. It is easy to transport to accompany you on your outings and trips with baby. Many brands offer a ready-to-use kit containing the essentials for taking care of baby. However, nothing prevents you from completing it and slipping in some accessories that you find useful. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a bag large enough to carry the essential accessories for baby.

If you plan to leave for a weekend with baby or on vacation, remember to pack everything. The baby toiletry bag must contain the following elements:

  • A baby nasal aspirator for the daily care of baby’s nose
  • A hairbrush with soft bristles
  • A thermometer to know if baby has a temperature or not at any time
  • A thermometer to check the temperature of your bath
  • Cotton squares and compresses for morning and evening washing
  • Physiological serum for cleaning the nose and eyes
  • A diaper cream to prevent redness in the buttocks
  • A liniment to clean and protect the baby seat
  • cleaning wipes

How to wash baby?

The toilet is a privileged moment with baby. Parents and child take advantage of this time together to get to know each other. This moment of sharing must be carefully prepared. Therefore, prepare all baby’s things and put them near you before starting the toilet. Prepare cotton squares to clean the eyes and nose. His change of clothes should also be prepared in advance.

During the first baths when it is not easy to hold baby and clean him at the same time, it is advisable to soap baby outside the bath. Put your child in the bath only for rinsing. Take care to clean well between the folds, under the armpit, the nape of the neck… Dry meticulously, emphasizing well between the folds.

Our choice: complete baby care kit

Are you preparing for the arrival of your baby? Do not forget to include a care kit in his belongings. It will be essential for you during baby’s daily toilet. We were seduced by this complete baby care kit from the Philips brand. It includes a digital thermometer, a manual baby nasal aspirator with a soft and flexible tip, a gum massage finger, a hairbrush, a comb, a nail clipper, files and scissors. Everything is stored in a pretty compact case that you can easily take with you when traveling with baby.

Baby care and toiletry kit

We also have in our selection this Babymoov care and toiletry kit. Compact, this kit contains everything you need to take care of baby on a daily basis. It includes a digital thermometer, a baby nasal aspirator, a pair of scissors, a nail clipper, a nail file, a bath thermometer, a hairbrush, a teething ring and a gum massager. These various accessories are neatly stored and organized in dedicated pockets or held in place by elastic bands in the case. It also has free slots allowing you to add other personal baby items: wipes, cotton, medicines…

Newborn toiletry bag

We invite you to discover this BEBECONFORT brand baby toiletry bag. It contains the essentials to take care of a newborn. Indeed, the kit includes a pair of scissors, a nail clipper, a comb with rounded teeth, a turtle-shaped bath thermometer and a soft bristle brush with mirror. The pencil case is machine washable and has clever storage for all the accessories. Thanks to its wide zipper opening, it will be very easy for you to store and find each accessory. There is still room to store some essential items such as compresses, cotton pads and wipes when traveling with baby.

Baby hair and nail care kit

We invite you to discover this care kit for the Suavinex brand to take care of baby’s still fragile hair and nails. It includes the essentials to take care of hair and nails. Indeed, it contains a brush with soft bristles, a comb with rounded teeth, a pair of scissors with rounded tips with protective case, a nail file and a nail clipper. This kit also includes a silicone finger toothbrush with a case to store it.

Large capacity baby care kit

We also invite you to discover this Badabulle baby care kit. It contains a bath thermometer, a soft-bristled brush for detangling baby’s hair, a blunt-toothed comb, a file, a nail clipper, a pair of blunt-tipped scissors and a silicone gum mass. The pencil case has many pockets and elastics to store accessories in an organized way. This large-capacity bag can also be used to store other items: wipes, cotton pads, compresses, medicines, etc. Compact, you can easily store it in your changing bag and take it with you wherever you go with your baby. This kit is easy to wash by hand. In addition, this transparent case allows you to see at a glance the accessory you want to use.

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