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What is your baby’s skin type?

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Knowing your baby’s skin type is important when choosing care and hygiene products. Discover the different types…

What is your baby's skin type?

Last update : December 31, 2022

Although newborn skin is known for its delicacy and fragility, there are variables. These can be changed over time as the ripening process progresses. For this reason, he is important that care products are specifically formulated for your baby’s skin type.

Know what types of baby skin are

Baby’s skin being very different from that of adults, it is important to provide it with the specific care it needs. Furthermore, she requires special hygiene and protection products depending on its type.

Dry skin type

Newborns, in most cases, present with dry skin. She is scaly and rough with areas of fine scaling which can be seen in any region of the body.

some babies can develop cracks on the surface of the skin that cause discomfort and itching. Although it’s usually not serious, if the condition persists, you should see a doctor.

Management of dry skin

There are certain care guidelines for newborn dry skin types. One of them, and the most important, is to keep her constantly hydrated. For this, you can use body oils to hypoallergenic moisturizers. Another trick that helps minimize the signs of dry skin is based on the good drying process after bathing.

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normal skin

baby’s skin is characterized by its suppleness and softness. In addition, it does not present variations in texture or coloring. The most important thing is to keep it from drying out and getting too irritated.

To do this, it is necessary opt for products that do not contain perfumes or dyes, especially in the first months of life. In addition, it is also useful to use oils during bathing or changing diapers to retain moisture. For its part, there are no irregularities or very visible signs of sensitivity or dryness.

Normal or sensitive skin

Babies with sensitive skin may feel uncomfortable or irritated. Thereby, there is obvious itching with visible red spots that can lead to superficial eczema.

However, it must be considered that the sensitivity of the baby’s skin surface changes over time as the skin matures and finishes forming. The ideal is to dress newborns in soft fabrics so as not to generate physical constraints on the surface of the skin.

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Type of sensitive skin in babies

Sensitive skin are the ones who blush easily in response to environmental conditions. Such as extreme cold or heat, or everyday stressors.

Newborns are more prone to suffer from discomfort due to sensitive skin side effects. Some of the associated symptoms and signs may be:

  • A skin reaction after a soapy bath.
  • Skin changes caused by contact of clothing or blankets with the surface of the skin.
  • Presence of skin reactions following the application of lotions or perfumes.

Management of sensitive skin

In babies with sensitive skin, the use of detergents, perfumes or dyes is to be avoided. Indeed, mild soaps or syndet are recommended for bathing and hygiene.

Keep diaper area dry and clean prevents irritation or diaper rash or contact dermatitis. Baths should even be short and with lukewarm water so as not to wash away the protective lipid layer of the skin.

When to go to the doctor?

Dry skin is usually not serious. However, a doctor should be consulted if the sensitive rash manifests as follows:

  • It gets worse despite treatment and treatment practiced at home.
  • Has severe, chronic bleeding, suppuration, or itching.
  • It is unusual or manifests a severe course.
  • Associated with feverish conditions.

Cosmetic products and your baby’s skin type

Babies are born with different skin types and therefore require specific care measures for each. Therefore, there are cleansing, bathing and moisturizing products for every skin type.

Finally, most products intended for the sensitive skin of babies are generally formulated to be less irritating and milder than adult formulations.

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