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What hygienic products made in France for your baby?…

What hygienic products made in France for your baby?...

From birth, various hygiene products are essential for baby’s toilet. For this daily ritual to go off without a hitch, it is recommended that parents choose care products that are both gentle and suitable for the sensitive skin of infants. To easily find hygienic products that meet these criteria, consider the alternatives made in France. Are you hesitating between the models and brands available? Don’t worry, we have taken care to select the 5 best hygiene products made in France for babies.

The essential hygiene products for babies

Are you giving birth soon or have just given birth to your first child? To make sure you have everything in your toilet bag, discover our checklist of essential baby hygiene products.

For the bath

For daily grooming, make sure that the hygiene products chosen are specially designed for infants. Indeed, their skin is thinner, fragile and permeable.

Here are the products made in France to favor for baby’s bath:

The ideal is to opt for a washing gel composed of non-aggressive, natural ingredients that respect baby’s skin and scalp. It cleans while providing good hydration to the epidermis.

The use of a cleansing oil is appropriate when baby has dry or atopic skin (subject to eczema for example). This hygiene product gently cleanses, soothes feelings of discomfort and leaves a protective film on the epidermis.

After bath

Pamper your baby by placing him on the changing table and applying the following care:

After the toilet, spend a moment of complicity with your baby while taking care of his skin. To do this, apply a hypoallergenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free cream to his skin. Protected, baby’s skin remains supple and silky. Do not hesitate to perform a delicate massage to promote relaxation and sleep.

  • An antiseptic solution

For the base of the cord, a daily cleaning is essential, and this, until its healing (between 5 and 15 days after birth). A sterile compress soaked in an antiseptic solution is sufficient. All that remains is to dry the umbilicus with another compress, and you’re done!

For change

In addition to the changing table, here are the essentials to keep baby’s bottom clean and hydrated:

Cleaning wipes are parents’ allies, especially when on the go. However, they must be soft in order to avoid irritation and redness of the seat. In addition, some wipes are biodegradable. Perfect for preserving baby’s well-being and the environment!

  • Oil-limestone liniment

Mixture of natural ingredients (lime water and olive oil), the oil-limestone liniment is essential if baby suffers from a dermatological problem such as eczema. This fatty substance removes stool residue without irritating baby’s bottom. It cleans the seat while moisturizing it. The application is done using a simple cotton square. Without rinsing !

  • A moisturizing cream for the buttocks

The use of a diaper cream is appropriate when the skin on the baby’s bottom has small red patches. This care product relieves itching and irritation.

For nose, eyes and cradle cap

Also provide products for specific care such as:

To soften cradle cap on baby’s temples, forehead or scalp, apply petroleum jelly. A fine-toothed comb will then help you unstick them.

Unable to blow his nose on his own, baby needs saline to clear his nose. This hygiene product based on purified water and sodium chloride is also a precious ally for cleaning your eyes without irritating them.

At the age of 3 years, the use of a nasal spray is authorized. This alternative to physiological saline helps to decongest children’s stuffy noses and to breathe better.

Good to know: washing the face is done with lukewarm water and a cotton square or a sterile compress.

Our pick: ultra-gentle cleansing wipes

For optimal baby hygiene from birth, nothing beats H2O thick wipes from Biolane ! What we love above all is their formula based on 99% natural ingredients and selected for their unparalleled softness. Biolane wipes are designed to clean sensitive skin prone to redness without attacking it. They are suitable not only for changing, but also for baby’s face and body. No need to rinse!

In addition to preserving the skin’s balance, these made in France hygiene products are thick and resistant. They won’t tear when you use them to remove stubborn dirt. In addition, the fibers in their composition are 100% biodegradable.

A liniment made in France and 100% natural

During the first months, baby’s skin is prone to irritation and redness. To preserve the buttocks epidermis, it is better to opt for a non-aggressive product such as Oil-limestone liniment 500 ml Corine de Farme. We are totally won over by its hypoallergenic and 100% natural formula that cleanses, protects and soothes the skin. Enriched with beeswax and organic olive oil, it leaves a protective film on baby’s bottom. His promise? Protect the fragile seat from irritation caused by humidity and the friction of diapers.

A liniment adapted to baby’s delicate skin

For babies with the most sensitive skin, we have selected the Biolane oleo-calcareous liniment. This made in France hygiene product is the most suitable for cleaning rough, peeling or localized irritation skin without water. It restores the natural pH, hydrates and forms a protective barrier at the level of the buttock epidermis. In addition, 98% of its ingredients are of natural origin.

Depending on the frequency of use, you have the choice between a 300 ml or 700 ml liniment.

A flat-tipped teat, ideal for mixed breastfeeding

For baby to easily accept the transition from the mother’s breast to the bottle, we recommend the Dodie physiological pacifier. Its flat end is designed to reproduce the shape of the nipple during feeding and hug the palate. The extra soft silicone allows the baby to find almost the same sensations as those of breastfeeding. For their part, the ridges prevent the walls from sticking, which offers a more pleasant suction. Depending on the baby’s age, select the set of 2 teats that can be used:

  • From 0 to 6 months;
  • At + 6 months;
  • At + 18 months.

A decongestant nasal spray for toddlers

Your daughter or your son will be 3 years old in a few days? Don’t forget to equip yourself properly to protect your child from possible nasal infections. To face your first cold, sinusitis or seasonal allergies, the editorial staff has unearthed for you the Puressentiel nasal spray. This hygiene product decongests the nose, relieves and hydrates the inflamed mucosa.

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