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What does stool color mean?

What does stool color mean?

Look at the color of her poop ? Young parents get used to it to watch over baby’s health, but over time, we tend to lose this reflex. However, the feces color can provide valuable clues about our state of health. Explanations.

How Our Feces Tell About Our Health

Our digestion is an insight into the health of the body. Why ? Because “Stools reflect how the body eliminates the indigestible parts of the food we eat, the by-products of the medications we take, and many other waste products we accumulate every day”analyzes the naturopath Alison Chen, in an article of the Huffington Post canadian.

Why are my stools black?

black droppings or very very dark? This may be the consequence of eating foods such as spinach, charcoal or licorice. A diet very rich in iron, iron supplementation can also be involved. In these cases, when ingested, the iron will be oxidized by the digestive juices and give a black color to the stools. Similarly, if one is constipated, the long stagnation of stools in the intestine can cause the stools to turn blackish. This phenomenon is harmless and will resolve itself, naturally. On the other hand, if iron is not taken, black excrement can be a sign of gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux, a tumor of the esophagus, stomach or small intestine… In these cases, it is imperative to consult a health professional.

Why are my stools yellow?

Of the yellow feces ? It may be a sign of a digestive problem. Are thus in question, most often, the organs involved in the digestive process such as the liver, the pancreas, the intestine or the gallbladder. But an infection can also be the cause of yellow stools. Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, gallstones, Gilbert’s disease (genetic disease characterized by liver dysfunction) can be linked to the observation of yellow stools.

Why are my stools green?

Again, the green excrement can be explained simply by a high consumption of green foods (spinach, chard, green cabbage, etc.) or even iron supplementation or spirulina-based food supplements. Green stools can also be linked to a disturbed transit: a Transit too fast, diarrhea (symptoms of several ailments) can thus be the cause of this type of staining of the stool. Excessive intestinal transit requires consulting a doctor.

There is red in my stool…

Red in the excrement and it’s panic?! Calms you. This can be quite harmless and result from the presence of leftover red foods. But it can also be blood…and that’s more worrying. In question ? Usually this results from a hemorrhoidal problem … which can most often be reabsorbed by ensuring that you are sufficiently hydrated. In more serious cases, it happens that blood is mixed with the stools: this can then be the sign of a Colon Cancer or rectum that can be detected during a colonoscopy. Other cause explaining the presence of blood in the stool? Gastrointestinal bleeding, sometimes not very serious, but the cause should be determined by consulting a health professional.

Abnormal stools, when should you consult?

The stools are considered normal when they are brown (varying from dark brown to light brown through chocolate brown…). Any other color can be considered abnormal … without being the telltale sign of a serious illness. Do not panic. However, in some cases, it is better to consult a health professional. Stool analysis – most often by digital rectal examination, colonoscopy or anoscopy – will then allow him to take the necessary measures. The treatment can then be carried out using antibiotics … and go as far as surgery (in the event of a cancerous tumour). The presence of blood in the stool should always be considered abnormal.

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