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What are the best books to start the DME?…

What are the best books to start the DME?...

Your little one is starting his food diversification phase and you want to find out the best about it? Read one of our selected EMR books available on Amazon. Focus.

What exactly is DME?

Child-led diversification or DME is a method of giving baby more autonomy in feeding. How it works ? You give your little one pieces of solid food. You let him eat on his own, but under your supervision. The DME also has several advantages:

  • Promote baby’s cerebral and psychomotor development;
  • Awaken toddlers to food;
  • Teach baby to control satiety;
  • Teach babies who have difficulty accepting new foods.

For the DME to go well, you must:

  • Use appropriate equipment

EMR requires the use of adequate equipment. These are for example:

  • A booster seat for the DME, a deckchair or a high chair;
  • A long-sleeved bib or a silicone bib;
  • A meal box generally consisting of a compartmentalized plate, a spoon, a bowl and a cup;
  • A cooker mixer;
  • A kitchen scale;
  • A few airtight storage jars with lids.
  • Properly inform you about child-led diversification

To better start the DME, it is best to inform yourself by reading dedicated books. On this subject, we advise you to choose from our selection of the best books on child-led diversification.

Editor’s Pick: “My baby is starting EMR”

The book called “My baby is starting DME” is your best ally to support your toddler in learning to eat independently. This complete guide is written by Christelle Courrège and Fanny Abadjian. Its goal: to provide advice to facilitate and promote the food autonomy of toddlers. Products intended for food diversification are also available there. Abadjian, meanwhile, is an EMR trainer and specialist in child eating disorders.

We recommend the book “My baby is starting EMR” because it helps you understand what EMR is. It also provides you with all current nutritional recommendations, as well as oral-motor development in children and allergens. You will also find 100 sweet and savory recipes in this book:

  • 25 recipes for the specialist baby;
  • 25 recipes for the baby apprentice;
  • 50 recipes for the novice baby.

It should be noted that Fanny Abadjian and Chistelle Courrège both hold a university degree, specializing in “nutrition and obesity in children and adolescents”.

“The EMR: The Complete Guide to Child-Led Dietary Diversification”

Want to know more about food diversification led by the child? We advise you to read the work signed Aurélie Mantault entitled “The EMR: The Complete Guide to Child-Led Dietary Diversification”. In this book, you will know that food diversification is an important step in the life of toddlers. Thus, it is essential to introduce some solid foods or in the form of a puree in addition to milk. You will also learn that the DME is a way to empower your child, teach him chewing and stimulate his senses.

The complete guide on the DME written by Aurélie Mantault also explains how to prepare gourmet recipes for babies from their sixth month. You will discover, among other things, seasonal menus and other culinary tips to awaken your child’s taste buds. As a reminder, Aurélie Mantault is an EMR trainer who has been working in Maine-et-Loire since 2017.

“The DME Workshop”

The book titled ” The DME workshop is written by dietitian-nutritionist Lucie Darjo. We suggest this book, because in addition to being practical, it is beautifully illustrated by the graphic designer and illustrator Liste Desportes. By reading it, you will get the answers to all your questions about child-led dietary diversification. To better guide you, this book is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: it is written in the form of questions/answers accompanied by numerous testimonials from professionals and parents;
  • Part 2: it is made up of several delicious and easy-to-make recipes for babies;
  • Part 3: it is dedicated to baby food after DME”.

Thanks to the advice provided by Lucie Darjo in her book entitled “L’atelier DME”, your toddler will be able to fully explore the flavor of food. He will also be able to develop his motor skills.

“The DME Big Book: Step-by-step child-led diversification”

The DME Big Book: Child-Led Diversification Step by Step is written by Christine Zalejski, an infant nutrition specialist. This book is among our selection because it provides the essentials for the practice of child-led diversification. Indeed, it teaches you that the DME is the most natural way to introduce little ones to solid food. Concretely, it consists of letting them eat whole foods independently.

By reading “The Big Book of EMR: Child-Led Diversification Step by Step” you will learn that EMR is a method to boost baby’s brain and motor development. She also develops her self-confidence. According to Christine Zalejski, the DME is an excellent solution for guiding toddlers towards healthy eating habits that they will maintain throughout their lives.

“Baby eats alone: ​​all about EMR”

Do you want to start EMR, but don’t know much about this method? We suggest the book Baby eats alone: ​​all about EMR », a book written by Émilie Pinard is what you need! The author explains in detail all the theoretical and practical notions to begin and continue the diversification carried out by the child in the best conditions. In fact, you will find in this book:

  • The theory and basics of DME;
  • The development of baby’s chewing and gripping skills from 6 months to 1 year;
  • Recognize a baby ready for EMR? ;
  • How do you practice child-led diversification safely? ;
  • A section where the author explains what food to offer to baby and how to go about it according to his age;
  • A section on balanced nutrition for infants;
  • A panoply of ideas for DME meals;
  • How to introduce beverages and solid foods?
  • A section dedicated to parents’ minor concerns: reluctant babies, constipation…;
  • A section of 13 recipes and sample dishes for each age.
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