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Valenciennes: the neonatology department, a cocoon and a large family around babies

Valenciennes: the neonatology department, a cocoon and a large family around babies

For World Prematurity Day, the neonatology department and its volunteer partners took over the hall of the Valenciennes hospital. The opportunity to shine a spotlight on its activity.

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On the 3200 annual births which make it the second establishment in Hauts de France, 900 children including 150 very premature babies are hospitalized in neonatology for periods varying from a few days to several months. These are babies who are born from the twenty-fourth week of amenorrhea with a weight barely reaching 500 grams for some.

Crowned with national and international labels, the service makes every effort for the well-being of the baby but also that of parents and siblings. ” Baby is an actor of his own development to which caregivers must adapt in partnership with co-regulating parentsexplain the childcare workers. Working together is essential “. There is no limit to parental presence in the service. Five bedrooms are available, two of which have double beds for the parents, with a private lounge, herbal tea room, nursing rooms, kangaroo-koala unit, skin to skin, promotion of breastfeeding. The whole thing creates a cocoon for baby and his family.

Pink blouses for a little laugh

Pink blouses entertain siblings on Wednesday afternoons. Alongside the caregivers, Fabienne, a psychologist for twenty-three years in the department, presents specialized books that explain prematurity to siblings. She approaches the baby’s emotional journey from a book in which we discover in photos the service, the care… So that everyone can visualize the size of a premature baby, she has placed, on the stand, infants and layers.

Family links with neonatology
Family links with neonatology – VDN

Jeanne and Angelo came to drop off Ambroise’s birth announcement, 11 weeks old. He is wrapped in a blanket of knitting grannies and holds in his handcuffs the octopus of his brother Antoine who died in 2018 after six weeks in intensive care in the neonatology department. The mother testifies: This service is a benevolent family that allowed us to accompany Antoine serenely and gave me the strength to speak via social networks and also around me about perinatal bereavement. “.

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