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Using a shower sponge, applying perfume on your neck… the 5 bad reflexes to remove from your routine

Using a shower sponge, applying perfume on your neck… the 5 bad reflexes to remove from your routine

According to the Australian scientist, it is better to spray her perfume on the back of the neck than on the neck. Getty Images.

An Australian pharmacology specialist is sounding the alarm.

There are reflexes, habits that die hard. And even in our bathroom. In a recent video posted on her Instagram account, Australian “skinfluencer” Hannah English, trained in pharmacology, points out several mistakes that deserve a red card. “There are five things I would never do as a beauty scientist,” she explains.

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First, she points to the use of a shower flower. “They are disgusting, nobody ever washes them and they surely contain mold” warns the specialist who holds this alternative to the washcloth responsible for potential rashes.

It is then the way in which we perfume our neck and chest which, according to her, should be reviewed and corrected. In particular, because toilet waters and perfumes contain “components which are not necessarily bad for the body, but which can make the skin photosensitive.” So what would be the ideal area? According to her, the area on the back of the neck, under the hair, would prolong the scent. And many master perfumers favor this area to diffuse their favorite juice in its wake.

Knowing how to use sun protection intelligently

If sunscreens are to be preferred on a daily basis to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays (A and B), they cannot be used in any way. The Australian denounces the fact of mixing them with her foundation. Indeed, to be really effective, the sunscreen must be uniform: by mixing it with other products, there is a risk of applying it unevenly on the face. “Put on your moisturizer, let dry, then put on your sunscreen and let dry before putting on any makeup.”

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In the same vein, the influencer recommends not relying on the SPF present in makeup. She says the right amount of sunscreen is a quarter of a teaspoon, which is “much more than the amount of foundation you would apply.” For her, it is therefore better to apply her sunscreen product then her foundation, or her tinted cream.

With or without preservatives?

Finally, she cautions against thinking that “preservative-free” is a good thing. “Preservatives are built into the products to prevent mold from entering,” she explains. Water-based products without preservatives would therefore be more likely to mold quickly and therefore lead to rashes. Be careful though: some preservatives are regularly singled out, such as methylisothiazolinone (MIT), a synthetic preservative, present in particular in leave-on products such as make-up or baby wipes. As a reminder, preservatives are only necessary in cosmetics containing water, thus preventing bacteria and fungi from proliferating there. Oils, powders, shadows or oil-based serums therefore do not need to contain it.


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