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Top Health Award 2023: Tetrafolic by Nurilia

Top Health Award 2023: Tetrafolic by Nurilia

When you want to become a parent, the conception period is an important moment during which you have to put the odds on your side. The good idea? Boost your fertility with the food supplement Tetrafolic by Nurilia, nominated in the “Mom/Baby” category of the Grand Prix Marie France. Explanations.

To support couples who want to become parents, the Nurilia Laboratory has developed Tetrafolic, a food supplement with a patented formula that promotes female and male fertility.

When you want to have a child, you are often in a hurry to make this dream come true as soon as possible. Yet, of many couples have difficulty procreating. Fertility is indeed a complex phenomenon, in which many factors come into play.

Most often, from simple lifestyle changes may be enough boost fertility in both men and women. Nutrition, in particular, plays a determining role in your chances of procreating (quality of oocytes, sperm, etc.)

Before considering more invasive techniques, such as IVF or artificial insemination, you can therefore turn to fertility food supplements.

How do they work and how effective are they? It is to all these questions that you can ask yourself that we will answer in this article.

A product rigorously resulting from scientific research

Tetrafolic presents a formula patented by the Nurilia Laboratory aimed at providing complete support to optimize your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Its patented formula was developed by Doctor Marc Cohen, former researcher at Inserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), gynecologist expert in infertility and author of numerous international scientific publications (you can find them here).

This tailor-made treatment:

  • reduces the risk of embryonic malformations and bypasses the MTHFR Mutation (which prevents the use of synthetic folic acid) in particular thanks to the use of 5-MTHF, i.e. vitamin B9 or methylated folic acid active instead of synthetic folic acid. The MTHFR mutation is common in the general population (40% of people have it)
  • methylated folic acid is accompanied by its coenzymes, which stabilizes methylation through B6 by reducing oxidative stress. In short: by supporting the entire monocarbon cycle thanks to an effective cocktail of vitamins B3, B6, B12 and Betaine.
  • zinc participates in normal fertility and reproduction, normal DNA synthesis, plays a role in the process of cell division and helps protect cells.
  • stimulates precursors of glutathione, a universal antioxidant, intervening following the action of the coenzymes of methylated folic acid. Several studies show that the synergy of methylated folic acid coenzymes improves the concentration and mobility of sperm (especially in overweight men).
  • coenzyme Q10, B3, B12 and magnesium are known to provide energy to the cells of our body. Recent studies have proven their effectiveness in treating male and female infertility problems.


For each pathology of infertility, its solution

Each infertility pathology corresponds to a specific solution. Tetrafolic present is constantly present in all formulas dealing with infertility with appropriate specific elements. Thus, to promote fertility and the smooth running of pregnancy, the Nurilia Laboratory has developed several ranges of food supplements (their shop) which target each pathology of infertility. Tetrafolic may be supplemented in certain circumstances by other products. For example, in case of endometriosis by Métriose, for PCOS by Polycystix or in case of history of miscarriages by Actifolic. There is no product that is sufficient on its own in all varieties of marital infertility.

Fertility food supplements, which one to use?

You will find a lot of information on the Nurilia site, in particular on their blog and social networks. The Nurilia Laboratory has published several direct on Facebook and Instagram in which Dr. Cohen answers questions from the community, popularizing the learnings during his many years of experience to the general public.

You can also find these direct on their Youtube channel, where you will also find videos of Dr. talking about his products.

Note: the packaging is different because it is specific for Switzerland. You can find the French packaging on

How to use Tetrafolic: 1 capsule daily until pregnancy

It is also possible to find a contact form on their site, in which you explain your situation. In a few days, you will receive an email advising you of the most suitable fertility food supplements for your situation.

Medical approaches to treating fertility problems in men and women

For some couples, childbearing difficulties will be too complex to be treated exclusively with fertility food supplements. Nevertheless, they remain essential during treatment by the attending physician following the check-up he performs and its proposed medical solutions.

Treatments for male infertility include, for example, taking medication or behavioral therapy which will relieve any erectile problems. Taking hormones or even surgery may be proposed to correct a varicocele (dilation of the spermatic veins).

In women, fertility disorders (especially when they are due to hormonal imbalance) can be treated via a course of clomiphene citrate (Clomid). Clomid makes it possible to stimulate ovulation. In some cases, surgery may also be necessary, especially when the fallopian tubes are blocked.

When infertility remains unexplained, the first reflex must be to control the MTHFR in both men and women to detect a possible homozygous mutation) and hyperhomocysteinemia.

Medically assisted procreation techniques may then be required. Intraconjugal insemination after ovarian stimulation, first, and in case of several failures, in vitro fertilization (or IVF). The latter consists of bringing together the spermatozoa and the egg in the laboratory. The embryo is then re-implanted into the mother-to-be’s uterus.

When to favor fertility food supplements?

Modern medical techniques of assisted procreation sometimes prove effective for couples wishing to have a child. But they are often expensive, very restrictive, and their success rate varies enormously. On the first try, it is less than 35%.

Thus, many future parents the search for solutions to boost fertility naturally. Fertility food supplements are a very good alternative to increase your chances of conceiving without going through treatment that is often heavy for the body, but also for the couple’s intimacy.

Of course, they will not replace targeted intervention in the event of serious fertility problems. But for the vast majority of couples, good nutritional intakeassociated with a good indication of fertility food supplements strengthen the body and result in pregnancy.

Fertility food supplements will thus provide a solution that is both natural and gentle. They will fit perfectly into the daily diet of future parents. Combined with small lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption or losing weight), they will increase the chances of conceiving!

Nurilia accompanies you in your desire to start a family; Discover our supplements to improve your fertility specially designed to meet your needs.For the sake of transparency and reliability, Nurilia communicates on the success of its products. You can find Nurilia reviews here and here.

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