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This really disgusting habit affects 2 out of 5 women (and you’re probably one of them)

This really disgusting habit affects 2 out of 5 women (and you're probably one of them)

We know it’s cliché. To say that hygiene and the French make two is not really a novelty. But we still thought that the French were there to raise the average a little. Well know that we are badly planted! Yes, women also have their little bad habits that weigh down the country’s average in terms of hygiene. The proof, with a survey carried out by My Little Box and MAC conducted on 2,000 women. And it’s about makeup…

The French, bad pupils of hygiene with regard to their make-up

As we know, there are a few rules to follow when using makeup. There are, for example, the expiry dates of cosmetics to be respected. But also all the uses related to our routine: cleansing the skin, use of certain products or not… In short, if some are doing wonderfully, it seems that 2 out of 5 women are in a bit of trouble. In fact, after questioning women aged 15 to 60, the survey tells us that 2 out of 5 women don’t wash their makeup brushes. A fatal error for the purity of our skin, since we know that brushes are full of bacteria of all kinds. If we do not clean them regularly, it is the proliferation and we can, among other things, have pimples or infections in particular at the level of the eyes or the mouth. This makes you want to take a walk in your makeup bag and do a big spring cleaning. Even if it’s not spring at all.

The study also reveals that1 in 3 women do not removes make-up not even at night. And if we combine the two, we suspect that the state of our skin will really not be at the top!

How often should you wash your brushes?

Only one question then arises: should you wash your brushes every day ? Every week. Every month ? More ? Less ? If you are not a makeup professional (so your brushes are not in contact with different skin types on a daily basis), it is enough to clean your brushes every week. If you only use dry materials (powders, eye shadows), you can extend to two weeks. Bacteria proliferate more easily in media and therefore textures containing water.

If, on the contrary, you use brushes to make up people other than yourself, they must be cleaned after each use.

How to properly clean your brushes?

Purists will tell you that the ideal is to clean your makeup brushes with a good old Marseille soap and rub the bristles against a non-smooth material. There are brush cleaning boards, available from professional brands (such as Sigmawhich has a very good one), where there are peaks, grooves, in order to capture the make-up particles.

For the most advanced, there are brush shampoos, supposed to better maintain the hairs of the latter. Others prefer to use baby shampoosless expensive.

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