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The social restaurant La Bonne assiette, in Limoges, is launching its collection of donations for the most disadvantaged

Le restaurant social La Bonne assiette, à Limoges, lance sa collecte de dons en faveur des plus démunis

“Last year, more than 1,000 Christmas boxes were distributed. This year, the tote bags

are preferred to cardboard boxes for a more ecological approach”, according to the secretary of La Bonne assiette, Angélique Gorce. As tradition now dictates, the rule is to garnish them withhygiene products, insulated bottles, small games and finally chocolates

to end the year on a comforting note.

Comfort and a little warmth The tote bags used can be donated or sewn by you. “Our desire is for all beneficiaries to have the same products. Something warm, something to wash and finally something to enjoy

“, continues Angélique Gorce.

The Good Plate plans, for its part, to offer fleece jackets, while the Maison Broussaud participates in the operation by providing socks. For now, collection points are still to be defined, but you can already drop off your donations at the premises of The Good Plate, located 12 rue Adolphe-Mandonnaud, or toMod’Elle store, at 57 rue Adrien-Dubouché

. In the event of a surplus, other associations, such as SOS Bébé, will be able to take advantage of the packages made.

Ten million euros released by the government to finance food aid for students this winter

Activities of the association throughout the year

“Open 365 days a year, the associative social restaurant allows its beneficiaries, without verification of resources, to enjoy a full meal for 1.50 euro”, explains the secretary.

The Good Plate sells tickets for the amount of a meal, to be purchased on site, which you can redistribute to people in need.

Soft canvas bags .

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