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The mother of a baby hospitalized in intensive care asks for a return to wearing a mask | Coronavirus

The mother of a baby hospitalized in intensive care asks for a return to wearing a mask |  Coronavirus

Devon McWilliams has posted a message on social media in which she considers it necessary to impose the wearing of the mask to slow the spread of respiratory viruses which have led to an increase in hospitalizations in children, as confirmed by the organization Shared Health Manitoba.

Ms McWilliams wrote her message on Friday, the day after Heather Stefanson’s outing during which the premier said there was no current plan to make mask-wearing mandatory. She simply encouraged sick people to wear one when they are moving in public.

I have one place left for a visitor and it has your name on itMs McWilliams wrote in the message, addressing the Prime Minister. Stop thinking about votes for the next election, start thinking about Manitoba’s future and the legacy you will leave.

Devon McWilliams’ daughter is just under four months old and has RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus. She was transported to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Winnipeg Children’s Hospital, where she required intubation.

The baby born prematurely and then admitted to neonatal intensive care began to show signs of labored breathing, and his lungs were affected, the mother said in her message.

His lungs are now worse than ever. One step forward, two steps back, three steps forward, one step back.

The woman explained that she wanted to save other families from the worst by sharing her story. She said she understands that people may find wearing a mask uncomfortable and that it may seem invasive.

But you know what’s even more uncomfortable and invasive? Having a tube shoved down your throat and air injected into your lungsshe wrote.

Similar calls

Ms. McWilliams is not the only one to carry the message in favor of the return of the compulsory wearing of the mask.

The federal government’s chief public health officer, Dr Theresa Tam, has herself called on people to wear masks again as hospitals grapple with a spike in respiratory viruses.

Other specialists in Manitoba, including Dr. in immunology and virology at the University of Manitoba, Julie Lajoie, also echoed this message about restoring mask wearing.

The calls come as, on Saturday, government sources in Ontario say that province is recommending that the public resume wearing masks on Monday to deal with the increase in the number of children hospitalized.

On Thursday, Manitoba’s Minister of Health highlighted the fact that the province’s antibody program against RSVwhich aims to protect high-risk babies and toddlers from the virus if they are infected, started early this cold and flu season.

She also reminded people to wash their hands and encouraged them to wear a mask if they are sick.

Shared Health Manitoba has recognized that the number of children with respiratory illnesses, including RSV and the flu, over the past two weeks, has increased significantly in the emergency department of Children’s Hospital.

According to the provincial body, since the beginning of November, about 179.6 patients per day have visited the children’s emergency department, an increase of about 23% compared to October.

This figure is also up about 45% from last year, said Common Care when it was 124 patients in November 2021.

Children’s Hospital staff are being asked to work extra shifts and overtime. In addition, some staff have been temporarily reassigned to the pediatric intensive care unit and emergency areas have been opened to treat additional patients.said a spokesperson for Shared Health Manitoba.

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