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The period following the birth of a newborn can be quite stressful at first. Many new tasks are added to your daily life. And, sometimes, it may be good to get rid of some of them. For example: buying diapers every week.

Subscribe to a eco diaper subscription makes everyday life easier. So, if you want to subscribe to a brand that offers quality nappies, Tidoo introduces you to all the benefits of chemical-free nappies and nappies!

The benefits of an eco-friendly diaper subscription

The composition of the Tidoo ecological diaper

The composition of children’s diapers is natural and healthy. Thanks to the absence of toxic components, endocrine disruptors and harmful substances in the newborn product, your child has good protection.

What is possible with a natural veil easily in contact with the skin of the newborn and the replacement of synthetic materials by natural materials. Thus, each disposable ecological product does not come at the expense of the planet.

In addition, the eco-bag is made from 80% recycled materials. So, to ensure maximum absorption, the French brand puts a higher percentage of natural cellulose than most ecological disposable diapers made in France. The diaper has an absorbent mattress of 60% cellulose from plants.

This allows to have the FSC label, ensuring the use of plant cellulose fibers from an eco-responsible forest. And that of nordic swanensuring a reduced effect on the environment during the life cycle of the product and quiet nights without the risk of leaks.

Each Tidoo brand children’s product is exclusively made in France. And yes, the brand can guarantee it: it’s made in France!

It should be noted that, following the conclusions of experts on each risk incurred, the National Food Safety Agency recommends that manufacturers:

  • of to delete each toxic substance of their composition
  • of to master more the origin of the raw materials so as not to take the risk of contamination
  • of perfect every step of the manufacturing process

Thus, the French brand Tidoo takes into account and respects these recommendations. She then has many reasons to please.

The place of Tidoo among the brands of ecological diapers in France

Aware of the significant issues, several manufacturers of children’s products in France have developed a new manufacturing technique, totally eco-responsible. This is the case of the ecological product Tidoo. Manufactured using a insignificant amount of energyit is based on renewable and vegetable raw materials (corn starch, wood or sugar cane).

Tidoo diapers are the first made in France diapers for children launched on the market. When you look at the components of this ecological product made in France, the chemicals are actually absent. The diapers of the famous French brand are marketed in organic shops and in private sales by subscription.

Thus, favor the layers of Tidoo avoid air travel, highly polluting. As for food products, it is advisable to opt for the consumption of products from France and to prefer local design.

Each manufacturer of washable diapers in France does not manufacture newborn diapers with vegetable products, however their manufacture consumes less energy than conventional disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers also have a long life expectancy and can be used by several children. When you know the budget to plan for the birth of a baby, saving money, even on the diaper budget, is an advantage.

Contrary to what everyone might think, cloth diapers do not consume a lot of water during washing. You can use the washing machine energy saving modetake eco-responsible laundry and favor natural drying in order to use a small amount of energy.

Choose ecological nappies and pay attention to classic disposable nappies

By knowing the classic diaper perfectly, parents should understand the interest of the ecological diaper without misunderstanding. The classic disposable product dominates the market in France, much more than the washable model.

However, the presence of unnatural materials in disposables classics have negative effects on the health of children. The manufacturing method of conventional diapers is also dangerous: their manufacturing process consumes 4 times more water than ecological models. Moreover, these diapers are not recyclable.

ANSES also revealed that the concentrations of the chemicals represented a great risk to the health of the child at birth. Particularly for toxic or fragrant substances, the dl pcbpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pcb 126.

Thus, for the planet, health and well-being of the baby, these nappies are not recommended. Opt for washable, ecological diapers made of natural products!

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