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the cry from the heart of Patrice Douret, the president of Restos du Coeur

the cry from the heart of Patrice Douret, the president of Restos du Coeur

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Today, we no longer have the right, neither to be hungry nor to be cold . The lyrics of Jean Jacques Goldman for “La chanson des restaurants” are more topical than ever. Today marks the start of the 38th winter campaign of the Restos du Coeur, an association that helps the poorest people created by Coluche in 1985. And in the midst of rising energy prices but also foodstuffs, the number of beneficiaries explodes. While INSEE confirmed inflation +6.2% over one year in October 2022, Michel-douard Leclerc denounces a trivialization of inflation and prevents increases two digits come for food, while alerting the government. In parallel, Patrick Drouet, the president of Restos du Coeur, deplores the current situation in Parisian : This is a situation that we have never experienced at the Restos du Coeur. We are worried. With this succession of crises, first health, then economic and climatic, the year promises to be very special. .

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“50% of people welcomed are under 25 years old”

The finding is alarming with a 12% increase in people registered and welcomed since last April : There are also 15% more families. Another figure follows: the 25% increase in the presence of young children from 0 to 3 years old. These figures are of great concern to us. . At the microphone of France Interhe develops: 50% of people we welcome are under 25 years old. We have 110,000 babies, from 0 to 3 years old, who come with their families, often single mothers . A size constraint because feeding a baby is expensive : It is necessary to choose balanced products for a quality diet, and this requires a lot of material help. A much more expensive package of nappies . For Patrick Drouet, inflation is worsening the situation of the people we were already welcoming .

Single-parent families are therefore very affected. These are people who are facing a significant increase in the price of essential products such as diapers and baby food. They have to decide between a liter of milk and a liter of gasoline so they have no choice. he analyzes in the newspaper, recounting the impact of the price increase: We find more and more people who survive and are forced to supplement the help of the Restos with help from other associations or even street patrols when it becomes too difficult. Clearly, a new audience is there, and the situation of people who have already come is becoming more and more difficult. .

“We need everyone’s generosity”

Explaining that the association accuses an increase of 15 to 20% additional expenses Since April, the president of Restos du Coeur has obviously been counting on donations to help the association’s work, even if many had already given when the war in Ukraine broke out: Most of our donations are made during the period of November and December. We are a historical association but we are not sheltered from anything. We need everyone’s generosity to get through this. Every donation counts, including those from businesses . It also calls on the government to put in place a tax credit for volunteers : The state must realize that without volunteers, the country cannot . The Enfoirs concerts, whose profits are donated to the Restos du Coeur, will take place in Lyon and in public from January 12 to 16.


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