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the childcare paradise in the Benelux

the childcare paradise in the Benelux

What are the essential childcare items to accommodate baby?

Between bathing and bedding accessories, strollers and car seats, are you unsure of what to add to your birth list? Go to La Folie du Bébé, the baby store in Belgium to help you make a choice. Be aware that baby essentials fall into three main categories.

Baby feeding equipment

Whether you’ve decided to breast-feed or bottle-feed your baby, you’ll need to stock up on a few childcare items for your comfort and theirs. Have you opted for breastfeeding? Get a manual or electric breast pump to feed baby in your absence. In this case, the bottle is also essential. For outings, make sure you have breastfeeding supports, which are more practical for giving the breast than classic lingerie. If you have planned a diet based on reconstituted milk, you will obviously need a bottle as well as the appropriate teat and a bottle warmer.

Items for transportation

Baby stores in Belgium such as La Folie du Bébé offer a wide variety of childcare items that simplify transport. Note that the car seat is compulsory for transporting baby in the car, as soon as you leave the maternity ward. For its part, the stroller is the essential accessory for walks. The evolutionary models or combined strollers are an interesting investment, knowing that they accompany baby from birth to around three years old. If necessary, you can also equip yourself with a baby carrier or a sling.

Sleeping equipment

As baby spends a large part of his time sleeping, make sure you provide him with all the comfort he needs. Among the essential baby items, find:

  • The cradle or cot, possibly as a co-sleeper;
  • The mobile, whether musical or vibrating;
  • Bed linen, ideally made of natural material.

Childcare articles for the toilet

Find everything you need for baby’s toilet and hygiene in the Belgian childcare store La Folie du Bébé. For your birth list, plan to buy a bathtub (possibly with a reducer), a changing table, towels or bath capes, etc.

Why choose La Folie du Bébé for your baby items?

La Folie du Bébé is the number 1 baby store in Belgium. In addition to its two physical points of sale in Auvelais and Waterloo, the brand has a website where you will find all the childcare items you will need. It offers nearly 8,000 products to help young parents find what they are looking for. On the lookout for trends, La Folie du Bébé has a collection that follows the rhythm of the seasons. In addition, it puts a professional team at your disposal to better advise you on the choice of baby items.

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