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the best tips to help her burp

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Waiting for your baby to burp can be scary at first, so don’t miss a thing here are lots of tips to make your life easier.

Your baby has trouble burping after the bottle or after breastfeeding ? Not sure if the burp is obligatory ? You ask yourself why your baby burps after her bottles? Until How old should he burp? And how many minutes after the bottle or the feeding? Look no further, we have all the answers to your questions about your infant’s burping.
The burp is always the moment at a time expected and dreaded of all parents especially with first children. If it causes a sigh of relief when it’s done, it’s not always a cakewalk, especially if your baby regurgitates. Here are some tips, explanations, advice and techniques so that you don’t dread the burping stage and so that your child does it without any problems.

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Why does your baby need to burp after feeding?

When your baby takes the bottle or breastfeeds, swallows excess air along with the milk. After his meal, your infant therefore needs to relieve himself by bringing out the swallowed air, the burp can be done in the 10-15 minutes after the end of the meal. Most of the time he will be bothered by the gas that wanders in his chest, he will show it by fidgeting or crying. Your baby’s burps come from a physiological mechanism. Reflux of milk can come with the burps but it is not like regurgitation which sometimes appears after meals and can be abundant.

How to help him burp?

  • Hold baby straight and lay head on shoulder : This is surely the most common tip among parents. One minute after the end of the bottle or even in the middle to take a break, put your infant in an upright position and gently hold his head on your shoulder. To help him, rub his back in circular motions, the burp should soon appear.
  • The sitting position : If the technique on the shoulder does not suit your child, you can try the sitting position. Place your baby with her back to you and lean her slightly forward on your lap. If the burp takes too long to come, pat gently on his back.
  • Position him flat on his stomach : If none of these tips have worked, try the last technique, which is to lay your baby on his stomach. It will surely look better on your thighs. If your child holds his head well, no problem, if not to put him in safety, put his head on your legs. You can also rub his back with circular movements.

Advice : if you removed your baby’s bib at the end of the bottle, before burping, bring a diaper in case of reflux.

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Pacifier or breastfeeding, what difference for burping?

Your baby’s feeding method does not impact the burp. Whether breastfed or bottle-fed, he swallows air during his meal and must therefore expel it by burping. It is possible that babies burp more with bottles, if the pacifier is not suitable and in particular lets in too much air. To solve pacifier problems, do not hesitate to consult your pharmacist or your pediatrician who will help you find the right one for your baby.

Is it serious to put your baby to bed right after the meal he has burped?

If your baby is not embarrassed after his bottle or breastfeeding, you can let him sleep without burping. Do not hesitate to position him in a slightly upright deckchair so that his stomach can digest as well as possible. The burp is not mandatory, it depends on the air sucked in during the meal. If your infant is bothered by a stuck burp, he will quickly let you know by crying or making strange movements. In any case, your baby’s health is not endangered if you put him to bed after meals, just be careful in case of regurgitation!

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Until what age should your child burp?

There is not really a predefined age, your child will do it as long as he feels the need. In general, babies need to burp as long as most of their diet remains liquid (infant or breast milk). After that, the more it goes diversify its diet the less air it will swallow so no need to burp! Food awakening and diversification will (surely) save you from burping after every meal.

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