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The best accessories for babies

The best accessories for babies

Childcare equipment is essential to take good care of a baby. From food and care to waking and sleeping, some baby accessories prove to be essential to keep up the pace and ensure the well-being of your child. We are talking here about baby bottles as well as night lights, umbrella beds or even early learning games. The main purpose of baby accessories will be to accompany you when you take care of your child. They will allow your little one to develop healthily and safely, so that he can grow up in a stimulating environment.

There are many objects and accessories for babies. For your child to fully develop, he will need to have a comfortable environment adapted to his young age. But baby accessories aren’t just for him! Everyday objects such as the food processor or the baby carrier, in particular, will allow you to greatly facilitate your daily life and to stay organized! Between strollers, cosys, bibs and other washable diapers, difficult to sort! To help you see more clearly, here is a list – not exhaustive – of the 10 essential accessories for babies.

our selection

  1. Manduca Ergonomic Baby Carrier Our favorite
  2. Babymoov baby toiletry bag
  3. Cloud B Turtle Musical Projection Night Light
  4. Babybjörn lightweight travel cot
  5. Beaba connected glass Babycook cooker robot
  6. Beaba forehead thermometer
  7. Stroller Yoyo 2 Babyzen
  8. Philips Avent Smart Bottle Warmer
  9. elephant bath shower toy
  10. Kinderkraft electric deckchair

Manduca Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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  • Fnac



Entirely made of cotton, this ergonomic baby carrier offers three different positions: a ventral position for newborns, with cushion under the buttocks, a classic ventral position and a dorsal position. Comfortable and discreet, it is undoubtedly one of the best baby carriers for active parents. Its unique shape also guarantees a perfectly natural “frog” position. Frontal or dorsal baby carrier: why choose?

  • Natural position for baby
  • Comfortable
  • Three different positions
  • Scalable

  • Moderately supported head
  • Difficult to position alone

Babymoov baby toiletry bag

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  • La Redoute



  • Rakuten



Essential for taking care of your baby, this toiletry bag consists of a baby nasal aspirator, a digital thermometer, several nail accessories, a hairbrush, a teething ring , a bath thermometer and a gum massager. Light and compact, it allows you to easily carry your child’s belongings wherever you go.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Economic
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sober and elegant

  • Few colors available
  • Blunt nail scissors

Cloud B Turtle Musical Projection Night Light

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  • Conforama



Put stars in your baby’s eyes, from an early age, by offering him an accessory that is as useful as it is pleasant. This turtle night light not only diffuses very zen ambient sounds, but also aquatic projections on the ceiling. It is ideal for creating a restful and soothing atmosphere during your child’s nap or night.

  • soothing light
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable sound

  • Battery operated
  • Low battery life
  • Batteries not included

Babybjörn lightweight travel cot

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  • La Redoute

    250 €


Particularly light and easy to fold and unfold, this travel cot will make life easier for parents who like to go out or travel! Comfortable and very versatile, it can be used from birth until your child is three years old. Its fabric is also very easy to remove and put back on and has the advantage of going in the washing machine…

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Comfortable

Beaba connected glass Babycook cooker robot

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Intelligent and connected, this Babycook model gives pride of place to new technologies. It allows you to prepare fully customizable meals from A to Z thanks to its steam cooking system that preserves nutrients. Its large capacity 1250 ml bowl is ideal for preparing large portions of homemade purées to freeze afterwards.

  • Connected
  • Big capacity
  • Removable blade
  • Defrost mode

  • flimsy bowl
  • Imposing device

Beaba forehead thermometer

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  • La Redoute



Essential for monitoring baby’s temperature in the slightest doubt, the forehead thermometer has the advantage of being less invasive than the rectal thermometer. With this model offered by the Beaba brand, you benefit from a reliable and fast temperature measurement. The thermometer has a screen with quick color codes, from green to red through orange.

  • Fast
  • Color codes
  • Easy to use
  • Good autonomy

  • Lack of reliability
  • Lacks a silent mode

Stroller Yoyo 2 Babyzen

Looking for a lightweight, compact, go-anywhere stroller? Look no further, the Yoyo wins all the votes! This small city car has the advantage of absorbing road faults well while ensuring optimal comfort. Available in several colors, it is one of the few strollers on the market that can be pushed with one hand.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold/unfold
  • Several colors
  • Handy

  • Uncomfortable on cobblestones
  • Carrycot less than 6 months not included

Philips Avent Smart Bottle Warmer

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Tired of the long minutes that pass while baby cries of hunger? Tired of bottles that are too hot or too cold? This Philips Avent bottle warmer evenly heats milk and keeps it warm for up to an hour. It switches off automatically after the desired temperature is reached and can heat milk in just three minutes.

  • Temperature maintenance
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Heats evenly

  • Takes time to heat up
  • No alert beep
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  • Cdiscount



The bath is probably one of your baby’s most cherished moments. To make this moment even more pleasant, fall for the elephant bath shower, to be operated by your baby. Immersed in water, this shower works automatically by offering gentle jets, specially adapted to the fragile skin of your little one. Assured crush !

  • Practice
  • Stimulating
  • Interactive

  • little power
  • Difficult to immerse base

Kinderkraft electric deckchair

Looking for the best electric deckchair on the market? This model proposed by Kinderkraft wins all the votes in terms of quality / price ratio. This swing automatically rocks your baby on the sides so you can go about your business. Versatile and comfortable, it has a removable arch to occupy baby.

  • Integrated timer
  • 5 point harness
  • 5 rocking levels
  • 12 built-in melodies
  • Silent motor

  • Up to 9 kg only
  • Not suitable for a newborn

What baby accessories are essential?

You are about to welcome a new baby into your home and are looking for the essential equipment. Transport, food, sleep… discover the essential accessories for babies.

The essential transport accessories for babies

To take your child everywhere, certain accessories are essential… This is particularly the case of the baby carrier or the sling to keep your little one close to you, or the stroller to walk around town or elsewhere for longer periods. At the same time, the choice of an ergonomic changing bag will also be essential.

The essential childcare accessories sleep and food

To ensure the development of your baby, the purchase of a food processor is essential. The latter will allow you to prepare homemade dishes and introduce your child to new tastes. On the sleeping side, a night light, a cradle or even an umbrella bed for travel are among the essentials.

How to make a list of necessary accessories?

To prepare for the arrival of baby as it should, it is better to equip yourself with a sheet of paper and a pen and prepare an exhaustive list.

Gather information everywhere

To make sure you don’t forget anything in your list of accessories, talk about it around you, if possible to the parents you know. They will be able to advise you on the best brands and the best models of accessories. Don’t hesitate to glean information from the web so you don’t forget anything.

Cover all childcare universes

To be complete, your list must imperatively cover all the universes related to childcare. We are talking here about breastfeeding, equipment for outings, early learning games, equipment for feeding baby with a bottle and with purées and compotes, clothing, toiletries, night equipment… to make two columns: one with the essentials, the other with the optional equipment.

Which bathroom accessories to choose?

The bath is one of the most pleasant moments for a large majority of babies. But for the latter to take full advantage of it, it is better to choose suitable bath accessories.

Bath accessories for the toilet

Indispensable for baby’s first months, the small bathtub will allow you to wash baby easily and immerse him in a safe way. You can even add a newborn support. At the same time, invest in an ultra-soft glove to ensure that your little one’s fragile skin is respected.

bath accessories for play

There are a multitude of bath toys that will make this moment a moment of awakening for your child. The submerged showerheads, water courses and other floating ducks are sure to arouse your baby’s curiosity. As for bath books, they represent a perfect introduction to reading, from an early age!

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