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the autonomous feeding box for babies –

the autonomous feeding box for babies -

In writing, we discovered the very first autonomous feeding box that will accompany your baby towards autonomy at the table. And we owe it to Yooji and his association with Mathilde Cabanas. We tell you a little more!

What is Autonomous Power?

This is the method on which your child’s autonomy depends. Installed in front of his plate, he will seize the food that you have prepared for him in a safe manner with his fingers, then put them in his mouth. Your little one therefore becomes master of the order in which he wants to eat the different foods, the rhythm of his meal and his satiety. In short, it’s up to him!

Yooji & Mathilde Cabanas: The autonomous feeding box from 12 months – 69€

The kit is really complete.

It contains several elements that will allow you to make meals with baby a real convivial moment:

  • Yooji hand-eating sticks (frozen)

First of all, by opening the box, I was able to discover the full range of yooji “hand-eating sticks” (frozen products). There are thus 4 boxes of sticks to be eaten by hand.

Each box makes about 3 meals (we will give baby between 3 and 4 sticks on a midday and/or evening meal). Simply reheat them in the microwave (about 1 minute) or in the oven.

The recipes are quite varied so baby will be able to discover new flavors! At mealtime, baby will taste the sticks with peas and green beans, beets, butternut squash and corn. Each stick also contains starches (depending on the box you will have quinoa or semolina). Thus, in a stick, there are 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 starchy foods, easily graspable and easily crushed between the tongue and the palate to eat like a grown-up. The goal is for your child to be able to take hold of (or crush if they feel like it) the sticks and put them in their mouth easily.

I then discover 5 ultra cute accessories. First of all, there is a bib with sleeve totally practical to put on baby when he is in his high chair to avoid soiling. It slips on easily and baby can get as dirty as he wants! Plus, it’s super easy to wash. A shot of water on it and presto nothing. Will just have to dry it for the next meal.

Then we have a table set which can easily “stick” to any surface. It is quite large and is almost the ideal size for any high chair tray. You can also simply put it on your dining table! So whatever you put on it will be easy to wash off! The placemat is made of silicone and can go in the dishwasher. I really appreciate !

  • The compartmentalized plate

Then there is a silicone compartmentalized plate. It’s a big plate that can also “stick” easily to any surface. Thus, even if baby wants to throw his plate, it will not be possible (unless you have Hercules as a baby…). My daughter tried but she didn’t succeed! There are 3 compartments: one for meat, the other for starches and the largest for vegetables. Then just let baby manage.

Well very sincerely the beginnings of the autonomous power supply with my daughter were… how to say… Chaotic. Between crushing everything I find and throwing it next to my plate, it was not easy. But by trusting him and guiding her, over the days she understood that she could eat as she wanted.

  • Learning cutlery

With the plate we also have learning cutlery: a fork and a spoon adapted to baby’s little hand. Same, at first, my daughter had trouble but she quickly understood what she could do with it (I won’t hide from you that there were still some nonsense, otherwise it wasn’t fun. And sincerely, the goal was also a little fun while eating – without spoiling the food we agree).

You should know that it is Mathilde Cabanas, the French lifestyle brand of “cute gifts for cool people”!, who created the unique and iconic design of “3,2,1 Patouilles”. Simple and discreet, your little one is sure to like it. The self-contained power supply kit is available in two colors: green and red.

We don’t just get started in autonomous power supply! In the box, there are some practical sheets that will guide us. For example, you will find a sheet on the 10 benefits for baby of eating alone, if baby is ready for independent feeding or for example the 10 commandments of independent feeding. In short, everything you need to understand how to guide baby to eat on his own like a grown-up!

Yooji & Mathilde Cabanas, in brief

The box developed by Yooji and Mathilde Cabanas is really easy to use for babies. I really appreciated the super cute “3,2,1 Patouilles” design and all the accessories associated with this box. I really appreciated this box for its content which really allows you to start independent feeding. At least we don’t have to wonder if we’re forgetting something to get started.

My daughter was thus able to begin her apprenticeship in autonomous feeding with peace of mind, and that’s what counts. Now it remains to continue on this momentum!

So ready to test this super box so that your child eats like a grown-up?

You can directly buy the food box on the Yooji website:

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