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She saves the life of her twin sister in their mother’s womb

She saves the life of her twin sister in their mother's womb

From the womb of their mother Leah McBride, Poppy managed to save her twin sister Winnie’s life, sending distress signals through the womb and prompting doctors to bring forward the due date. A miracle.

Between brother and sister, the bond is often special. But between twins or twins, it is even more exceptional. And it’s not the story of Poppy and her twin sister Winnie that will prove the opposite!

Poppy was still in the womb of her mother, Leah McBride, when she managed to send distress signals to doctors urging them to induce labor. A “coded” message intended to save the life of his sister.

Short-lived celebrations

After a year of trying as a baby, Leah, 28, and her husband, Austin, 27, were over the moon when they learned in January 2019 that they would finally become parents. Even more by understanding that they would have identical twins. ” I was really excited confided Leah to the DailyMail. But this twin pregnancy must be closely monitored. Every month, Leah has two ultrasounds. At the 21th week of pregnancy, she also undergoes a thorough analysis and learns that something is wrong.

Choose one of the babies

They told me to come back first thing the next day she confided. ” Of course I googled everything that could be wrong and came across twin to twin transfusion she added. Indeed, the next day, the doctor tells him that he is struggling to see one of the twins and that the second is surrounded by a lot of liquid. Receiving a diagnosis of twin to twin transfusion stage 3, she is advised to interrupt the development of one of the babies (Poppy), to give the second (Winnie) a better chance of survival.

An impossible decision

There was already a 48% difference in the girls’ heights and the doctor was worried that Poppy would have a heart attack because she was passing all the nutrients to Winnie. He thought Winnie might have a stroke Leah remembered. But for parents, it is impossible to make a choice. So they turn to a second hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital, in Houston, Texas, for a second opinion. He was offered the option of surgery and given him one night to think about it.

Try everything for everything

We spent the night reeling from the events of the day and prayed that we would have two more heartbeats the next day. confided Leah. ” I remember spending most of the night trying to finalize the names of the girls as I couldn’t imagine anything would happen to them by not having names ready she continued. The next morning, Leah undergoes surgery during which she is kept awake. Doctors are trying to stabilize the blood imbalance between the twins.

Win time

The procedure is successful and Leah is sent home to rest. Regularly, the doctors see her for a follow-up. At 27 weeks and six days, Leah’s water breaks. She is then rushed to the delivery room where she is given steroids to stop labor. ” We had to save as much time as possible because 28 weeks was still too short for a safe birth. she indicated. But when she reaches 31th week, May 24, 2019, Poppy’s heartbeat begins to waver on the monitor.

Saving his sister’s life

The doctors intervene and then proceed to the delivery, freeing Poppy and Winnie. Although the smaller of the twins at 0.76 kg, Poppy was doing well, her heart was in perfect health. In contrast, Winnie, despite weighing 1.7 kg, had underdeveloped lungs and had to be placed in intensive care. ” Our Doctors Told Us “I Think Your Little Twin Saved Her Sister’s Life” explained Leah. ” Poppy’s heartbeat was all over the place so they proceeded with the delivery. But when she was born she was just fine she indicated. ” They believe she was sending distress signals because she knew her sister would not survive if she was not delivered at that time. she continued.

Small swings

Fourteen days after her birth, Winnie had to undergo surgery to relieve a fluid buildup on his brain, then recovering miraculously. Poppy, although in good health, also had to stay in the hospital to gain weight before she could go home. After 52 and 54 days in intensive care, the twins were able to discover their new home.

Inseparable twins

Now the twins have become best friends. ” Poppy takes care of Winnie even though Poppy is still much smaller laughed Leah. ” I love that one is big and the other is small. They’re so close, it’s cute she added. Winnie, besides her glasses distinguishing her from Poppy, is shown to be a smarter than average little girl being able to read books from memory at just three years old. ” I tried to separate their beds recently explained Leah, They don’t want! They are both amazing she concluded.

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