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Rouen. This cook launched a meal delivery service for young parents

Adelaïde Brun, cuisinière installée à Rouen (Seine-Maritime), propose un service de traiteur à domicile pour les jeunes parents avec son entreprise Maman est servie.

Adelaïde Brun, cook based in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), offers a home catering service for young parents with her company Maman est servie. (©Mom is served)

to cook can be a hassle when you have just come out of the maternity ward. Adelaide Brown knows something about it: “When my baby arrived, I felt quite alone Rouen where I had just moved and I was very, very hungry! I have the physical memory of this hunger. “It was in 2018. At the same time, she began a professional retraining after ten years spent as a scriptwriter in the audiovisual sector.

Now a cook, she used this experience and her research on postpartum, the period of about two months following childbirth, to launch a home catering service for new parents : Mom is served.

Healthy, tasty and nutritious

His company launched in the summer of 2022 offers formulas with three lunches, three dinners and three snacks for one or two people. “I send out a short form to find out what people like, their specific diets, which allows them to get a little rougher and then I make them a menu proposal, explains Adélaïde. All while remaining in the idea that it must be greedy and very healthy. »

This aid makes it possible to cope in part with the upheaval caused by the arrival of a child. “The first thing a baby needs is for his parents to be well. It relies on sleep, community and food. We will focus on the nutritional aspect with an iron and magnesium intake for example, in order to participate in a healthy overall lifestyle. »

An online kitty for parents

This concept of caterer for young parents already exists in France. For now, Adelaide is delivering in all the municipalities of the metropolis of Rouen and designs his dishes at his home. “It’s quite artisanal in quotation marks for the moment, because it remains small volumes, but I have a vocation to expand and that it becomes more important”, assures Adélaïde.

It already has regular customers and is looking to refine its offer and perhaps expand it, but always targeting parents. “I would like to prepare workshops on the batch cooking, on the postpartum, help with the lack of ideas for cooking and bring other elements that could simplify the life of parents. »

It has also launched a “cagnotte casserole”, which allows to offer meals to parents by contributing to an online kitty on its site in the form of gift vouchers. “It can feed a birth list in a different way than with a cuddly toy or a toy. Or make a nice gift this Christmas.

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