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“Projet Bébé”, our program specially designed to boost your fertility

“Projet Bébé”, our program specially designed to boost your fertility

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For several months or several weeks you have been trying to conceive a child, without however succeeding. At PasseportSanté, we are aware of the difficulty that it can sometimes be to conceive a child, as well as the pain that this can cause for a couple.

This is why we have designed “Projet Bébé”, a coaching program to better understand your fertility and boost it, whether you are a woman or a man.

Why is fertility a major health issue?

When pregnancy struggles to point the tip of its nose, the desire for a child that struggles to materialize can be a source of suffering for those who have only one desire: to start a family. You should know that today, difficulties in conceiving a baby are a reality for about 25% of couples, or 1 couple out of 4 (1).

In February 2022, a report on infertility was submitted to the Minister of Health. This reports that difficulties in having a child due to fertility concerns concern 3.3 million French people. What is most worrying, according to this report, is that this figure is increasing from year to year.

To make matters worse, the number of cases of infertility that remain unexplained today is also constantly increasing, as is the number of assisted reproduction requests.

It is for this reason that we are now offering you “Project Baby”: our online program to enable all couples to improve their fertility and increase their chance of having a child.

Whether you are in the middle of a baby trial or have already started your PMA journey, we are proud to present you with a multidisciplinary alternative to put the odds on your side.

“Project Baby”, what is it?

The Baby Project program was designed as real support by a group of professionals recognized for their knowledge in this field.

Project Baby provides you with a whole set of tools aimed at restoring your fertility, which is too often undermined by our current lifestyles and rhythms.

More than a guide, Project Baby is a real program to take action and take charge of your fertility. Our only goal? Take action to make your childhood project come true.

The program is broken down into a series of courses over 12 weeks, between information and prevention, to better understand how fertility works and how to improve it.

The promises of the Baby Project program

By registering with Project Baby, you will develop a better understanding of your fertility and learn how to optimize it in a natural way.

Of course, Projet Bébé does not replace professional support in a specialized structure. However, the educational tools offered by this program will allow you to better understand the recommendations of your healthcare professional. You will also know better which health professional to turn to.

Projet Bébé also offers psychological resources to better manage the wait and continue to take care of your couple when the desire for a child is slow to materialize.

What is the Baby Project program made of?

Expert Videos

In total, we offer 44 expert videos to explain how, on a daily basis, it is possible to improve your fertility. Project Baby is to date the only program that brings together so many disciplines to deal with fertility, from classical medicine to complementary and alternative medicine.

Over the 12 weeks of the program, here are all the areas on which we will take you: diet, micronutrition, phytotherapy, psychology, yoga, foot reflexology, gynecology, naturopathy or even hypnosis.

A complete nutrition program

After having accompanied you on the fundamentals of fertility, our program is accompanied by 11 weeks of balanced menus designed by our nutritionist with a single goal: to boost your fertility.

The meals that make up this program are easy to make, with foods renowned for their fertility benefits, from breakfast to dinner, including lunch and a mid-afternoon snack.

Practical content accessible at any time

In addition to the videos and our nutrition program, you can consult at any time 40 practical contents to complete your knowledge and find the summaries of the videos of experts who accompany you with Project Baby.

10 experts at the service of your fertility

To support you in the best possible way, we have brought together less than 10 health professionals carefully selected for their professional, but also human qualities.

With “Baby Project”, you will find:

  • Dr Jade Raad: obstetrician-gynecologist in reproductive medicine and fertility preservation at the Étoile fertility center in Paris;
  • Fabien Piasco: nutritionist dietitian, specialist in endometriosis and author of books on nutrition and hormonal disorders;
  • Karine Mayer: psychologist specializing in perinatality, infertility and support for couples undergoing assisted reproduction;
  • Magalie Benoit: Doctor in sexology and psycho-practitioner at the Center de la Fertilité – Paris Est, couple therapist specializing in conception issues;
  • Nathalie Faggianelli: Doctor in biology, phytotherapist and aromatologist specializing in hormonal disorders;
  • Céline Hovette: naturopath specializing in peri-conception and hormonal disorders
  • Rémi Dujardin: osteopath at the “Becoming a mother” practice, specializing in fertility;
  • Karine Delmas: reflexologist and hypnotherapist specialized in supporting people and couples who are infertile or on the PMA course;
  • Laurence Mouton: sophrologist and psychoanalyst trained in supporting couples wanting children, and helping with fertility;
  • Nina Guéneau: yoga therapist, acupuncturist and trained midwife, perinatal and endometriosis oriented.

The “Baby Project” program is available on the site by clicking here

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