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Pregnant, why am I losing weight?

Pregnant, why am I losing weight?

Some pregnant women will lose weight during pregnancy. A surprising phenomenon, but not necessarily worrying. Explanations with Dr. Thierry Harvey, gynecologist-obstetrician.

When you are pregnant, you expect to gain weight… But some future mothers will, on the contrary, lose it. This may surprise, even worry, but it is not necessarily a bad sign.. Dr. Thierry Harvey, gynecologist-obstetrician, explains what there is to know about weight loss during pregnancy.

Before talking about weight loss, let’s talk about weight. It is going to be monitored in two ways during pregnancy. First of all, at the beginning of pregnancy, even in the preconception period, we will look at theBody mass index (BMI) of the patient. We will thus know in which category it is located and, if it is underweight or overweight in particular, we can set up specific monitoring, our expert tells us. Next, at each pregnancy follow-up appointmentthe carer who follows the mother-to-be will observe the evolution of her weight: “You should know that it’s not at all to cause fatphobia. It’s because we know that, if the weight gain is too great, there is a risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and therefore pre-eclampsia, but also because it can complicate the delivery by hampering the descent of the baby, leading to a risk of difficulties during the birth, and to know if something is hiding behind, such as water retention “says Dr. Harvey

Do not judge patients who gain “too much” weight, nor those who do not gain enough, or even lose it. Being followed by a caring person is important

What can cause weight loss during pregnancy?

When we eat better, we often lose a little weight!

Several factors can lead to weight loss during pregnancy. The first is the fact that pregnant women often watch their diet to be sure that they are in good shape and that their baby is too. However, when we eat better, we often lose a little weight! It is therefore not uncommon for this to occur in early pregnancy., and especially in future mothers with diabetes or obesity, to whom we will give specific dietary advice, explains our gynecologist-obstetrician. Then come the nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy. In this case, future mothers who suffer from it may not gain weight in the first months.

Is it normal not to gain weight while pregnant?

Not losing weight but also not gaining it while pregnant is not worrying in early pregnancy, if it is linked to a diet change and at the practice of physical activityor to nausea and vomiting which are not serious. On the other hand, it is to be monitored with the doctor who follows the pregnancy.

Weight loss during pregnancy: should you be worried?

It all depends on the situation, explains Thierry Harvey. “A patient who is going to lose pounds, if she is overweight and there are no complications, it is not worrying”, he tells us. On the other hand, mothers-to-be who suffer from severe nausea and vomiting, or evenhyperemesis gravidarummust consult because of the risk of dehydration notably. Their obstetrician or midwife can suggest solutions or treatments. Similarly, if the weight loss occurs suddenly, whether it concerns a woman who is not overweight or obese and continues throughout the pregnancy, or whether it represents 10% or more , weight before pregnancy, it is recommended to consult. In any case, the gynecologist-obstetrician points out that, if the mother-to-be is worried about losing weight, she can talk about it: “Discuss it with the person monitoring your pregnancy, don’t be alone!”. EFinally, if the weight loss occurs in the context of an eating disorder, it is important to consult because this can endanger the future baby.

Should you lose weight during pregnancy when you are obese?

Losing weight when you are pregnant and obese is absolutely not mandatory, tells us our expert. If this occurs as part of a balanced diet and / or the practice of physical activity, do not worry. “When you have a better diet, even if you eat more, you eat better, so you may not gain weight, or even lose it, and that’s not a big deal”emphasizes Thierry Harvey. On the other hand, it is essential to respect pregnancy follow-up appointments and to choose a maternity unit with suitable equipment (such as examination tables).

With gestational diabetes, I am losing weight: why?

When gestational diabetes is detected in a pregnant woman, her obstetrician or midwife will give her advice and advise her to consult a dietician to adopt an appropriate diet. In the same way, it will be recommended to him to practice a physical activity. “She’s going to lose weight because she’s going to have a balanced diet and by doing sports you consume energy, so you tend to lose pounds. It’s perfectly normal”says Dr. Harvey, of course as long as it doesn’t happen abruptly and she doesn’t lose too much weight.

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