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Pornic region: a dad sentenced for violence against his baby

Pornic region: a dad sentenced for violence against his baby

The father, as well as his lawyer, indicated that it was the “fault of the bib”, to justify bruises on the child. ©PxHere / illustration

Throughout the trial, on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at correctional court of Saint-Nazairethe man remained stoic, but in the end, this 38-year-old dad was unable to say a word and wiped away tears.

Since the events, which occurred at Villeneuve-en-Retz (Loire-Atlantique), near Pornic, the 30-year-old never varied in his statements: “No”, he “did not commit abuse on his boy. »

Coquard, traces in the neck

While he was “burned out” and taking care of his four-and-a-half-month-old son, his partner, who had returned to work two weeks earlier, found the child once with a coquard and a few days later, with traces in the neck.

When she went to her doctor for a vaccination of the child, the practitioner judged “his bruises suspicious”.

The baby was hospitalized and an investigation was opened at the gendarmerie. Diagnosis: “The traces are not compatible with accidental lesions. »

The dad is formal: on May 9, 2021, he rubbed his son’s eye with a washcloth.

On May 18, he got it tight tight to administer saline into his nostrils. The traces then appeared. For the defendant, “it is the bib” which is in question.

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“Attitude of denial”

What he didn’t say, but the mum noticed, was that ‘that day he called me several times because our son was crying and he couldn’t handle it’ .

A dad who has always taken good care of his two slightly older daughters. The mother ended up coming home sooner than expected.

At the hearing, the lawyer for the civil party, Me Linda Fregona is amazed: “My arms are falling off. Even today, he still maintains that it is the bib! »

She deplores: “This attitude of denial, this lack of awareness. »

Ten days of ITT

She notes that the doctors assessed the suffering of the child at ten days of ITT (temporary interruption of work).

For the prosecutor, Jennnifer Lebreton: “It is difficult to substantiate unintentional injuries when there are two traces in quick succession! »

The magistrate insists: “He is accused of having used force, a violent gesture on several occasions, therefore mistreatment”.

She requires a heavy sentence for a first conviction: eighteen months in prison with suspended probation.

“It’s the bib”

Based on personal experience, Me Pierre Gendronneau explains “the difficulties for a parent to use a baby nasal aspirator and infuse saline solution into a baby who refuses to let it go”.

For him too, the only explanation, “is the bib”. He advises the judges: “To the question, did he want to harm his son, you must answer no. It wasn’t violence. »

In addition to the required sentence divided by two, the defendant must undergo psychological care and pay damages to the civil party.

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