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Pediatric epidemics, liberal doctors recall good reflexes

Les urgences pédiatriques sont actuellement saturées avec les épidémies infantiles automno-hivernales, mais des gestes barrières peuvent éviter beaucoup de complications.

Pediatric emergencies are currently saturated with autumn-winter childhood epidemics, but barrier gestures can avoid many complications. (©Illustration-AdobeStock-Pixel-Shot)

The autumn-winter season marks the return of seasonal epidemics foremost among which are the rhinitis, gastroenteritis, flu and bronchiolitis which particularly affect infants.

The epidemic peak of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (VRS), usually reached in December, has already been crossed, putting liberal and hospital pediatrics under great tension. The liberal doctors of Centre-Val de Loire want to recall the basic reflexes.

Bronchiolitis mainly affects children under 2 years old

Children, especially those aged less than 2 years oldare the main target of the bronchiolitis virus.

The URPS-Médecins Libéraux Centre-Val de Loire calls on parents of young infants to be vigilant in respecting barrier measures which have shown their effectiveness during the pandemic of Covid-19 :

  • Ventilation of premises,
  • Hand washing,
  • Distancing,
  • Wearing a mask if necessary,
  • Avoidance of confined public places.

Runny nose: alert

A runny nose is very often the first symptom of bronchiolitis which, in the vast majority of cases, is mild and progresses spontaneously towards recovery.

Since bronchiolitis is of viral origin, the prescription ofantibiotics is not justified and its management is mainly based on washing the nose.

In some cases, if respiratory discomfort, feeding difficulties, fever, lack of reaction, are observed in the baby, medical advice is necessary.

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The URPS Médecins Liberals invites parents to inform yourself before consulting. Resources are available for this:

If medical advice is necessary, it is important to first contact the child’s doctor, general practitioner or pediatrician. Throughout the Centre-Val de Loire region, private doctors are organizing themselves to optimize the management of this unscheduled care. In the absence of a treating doctor, it is advisable to contact 15 directly before going to the emergency room. The regulating doctors will be able to provide appropriate advice and direct, if necessary, to a consultation in town or in hospital emergencies.

URPS Doctors-Liberals

Weekend and holiday care services

On-call care also exists on weekends and public holidays, provided by other health professionals, in particular massage therapists.

On medical prescription, these professionals can monitor children with bronchiolitis on an outpatient basis. Talk to your doctor.

The URPS Doctors-Liberal Centre-Val de Loire

The Regional Union of Health Professionals (URPS) represents and supports the 3,500 independent doctors in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Its role: to promote the organization and quality of care by carrying the values ​​of liberal medicine. A key player in regional health policy, it acts to facilitate the practice of current and future private physicians and to promote access and quality of care.

Reminder of instructions:

1) I get informed

I consult the advice of AFPA (French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics), Public Health France or HAS.

2) I warn

I air the rooms, I limit contact between my little infant and those around me, I wash my hands, I use disposable tissues, I wear a mask if necessary…

3) I identify

I observe the first symptoms of my child.

4) I act accordingly

  • I do nose washes, I split food intake.
  • If the symptoms get worse, I contact my child’s doctor.
  • If I don’t have a doctor, I call 15 before going to the emergency room

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