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Neuf Mois tested the MyFamiliz application, our opinion

Neuf Mois tested the MyFamiliz application, our opinion

Are you ready for baby’s arrival? Is your organization in place? Would you like some time for yourself and enjoy the first weeks with baby?

Obviously we would like to be sure to answer yes! But unless you’re a super-wonder mom, you’ll have to be organized and helped.

However, there must be an application that allows you to organize yourself, coordinate with your companion and all those who want to help you reduce your mental load during this delicate period. An application that helps to enjoy more family time.

This is the promise of the family organizer MyFamiliz. This app is more than just a shared calendar. It’s more like having a personal assistant.

An organized daily life, shared tasks, and more serenity, this is the promise of the MyFamiliz application.

The principle of MyFamiliz

MyFamiliz is a free application that can be shared with dad, grandparents, nanny and generally anyone close to you who can help you.

It has 3 essential functions:

  • A shared calendar. Use the app to easily track and manage things that need to be done.
  • A list creation function adaptable to any use and for any type of family.
  • A planning tool. Use the MyFamiliz app to store recipes, plan dinners for the week, and simply add ingredients to your shopping list.

The heart of MyFamiliz is a shared calendar. A bit like Google Calendar, but in addition MyFamiliz manages shopping lists, weekly menus, etc. Hence the need for a more sophisticated dedicated application.


Installation is very simple. Nothing rocket science, you have to download the application on your phone, then create your account by adding your personal data and those of your family. The app guides you step by step through an intuitive process. Thereafter, you invite the people of your choice via their numbers to give them access to your shared space. You can also use the same login credentials on multiple devices, which means that you and the person receive the same notifications and have access to the same information instantly. Here are the main features.

MyFamiliz feature #1: The shared family calendar

MyFamiliz’s shared calendar feature is a model of simplicity. The MyFamiliz application allows you to keep family events and activities in one place, and avoid losing them on emails, whatsapp groups and other SMS.

To begin with, during the initial configuration, you have the option of granting permissions to other members (spouse, partner, grandparent, teenager etc.).

This person will also be able to modify and add items to the calendar.

Then you just need to add the names of your children…and any other family members you want to be on the calendar.

You will receive an email confirming the calendar setup within minutes. Likewise, everyone will receive a message to download the app and access what you’ve shared with them.

The email will also provide basic instructions, including a link for how to integrate other calendars with Google, Outlook that are compatible with MyFamiliz.

Once you have everything set up, you can start adding tasks to the calendar, just by clicking on the calendar tab.

The calendar also offers the possibility to view the entire family calendar globally or to filter it by person.

Handy reminders keep everyone on task…so no one misses an important appointment or event. You can set a reminder.

MyFamiliz feature #2: The shopping list

MyFamiliz has a shopping tab, where you can go to create and manage shopping lists.

Just click on “lists” to create a new one… for example, Thursday dinner.

Next, start typing your desired ingredients

You can also save and share the shopping list with a family member in real time through their to-do list.

MyFamiliz feature #3: The to do list

MyFamiliz has a to-do list option, where you can jot down important info for another family member.

For example, reminders to “add 3 drops of vitamin D” for dad or “change the water filter” for nanny can come in handy when your day is busy.

The to-do list is for tasks that don’t necessarily have a specific date, but still need to be done.

MyFamiliz Feature #4: Meal Planning

Meal planning is crucial when it comes to scheduling balanced meals, with specific weights as provided by the pediatrician.

The “Our meals” tab is your starting point for choosing recipes from those offered by the app, as well as for converting them intuitively into shopping lists. You can also schedule selected recipes for your calendar via the “Our meals” tab.

Between baby care, cleaning, shopping, friends, family and moments of relaxation, we no longer know where to turn. The secret is to be well organized and to rely on those around you and this is exactly what the MyFamiliz app allows you to do. With MyFamiliz, the daily life of the family is organized simply, we save time and free our minds.

Using the MyFamiliz application is simple and fun. The concept of the application is precise, clear and very well done. The application provides the necessary information to help make day-to-day organization easier.

Advantages Disadvantages
Time saving Space not modifiable according to our tastes (typography, color)
Better communication of important information with those around us No possibility to add our own recipes
An optimized organization without forgetting Few avatar choices and not editable
Available on all phones
Adjustable notifications
Free version without ads
Inclusiveness for any type of family

MyFamily premium

The MyFamiliz application is already very complete in the free version with a baby coming. It brings together all the essential functions, namely:

  • Accessibility to the calendar and shared directories.
  • It is possible to assign 3 tasks to a person per day.
  • A shopping list per week with 15 items.
  • A to do list per week as well as 3 random cooking recipes per day

The version premium offers additional features for a cost of 3€ per month.

So upgrading to MyFamiliz Premium is not mandatory at all. It’s really a matter of preference and very useful when the family grows.

The premium version of MyFamiliz offers new features in addition to unlimited access. With this version, you can program your menus throughout your week, and create task reminders and sync your calendar with Google or Outlook.

It also offers gamification for children so that they can participate to tasks by rewarding them. The algorithm assigns tasks to each child based on the rituals selected by the parents. There is a goal of points to be reached in the week in an equitable way for the siblings. Each task has a value between 1 and 5 points depending on the age of the child. Parents are thus completely free to award individual or collective rewards or not if 100% is reached on Friday.

To finish with MyFamiliz, you can program all the reminders and rituals you want so you don’t forget anything.

An intuitive app

For mums, already busy with the arrival of a baby, it’s not that much to do to delve into explanatory notes. As soon as the application is installed, you are guided through captioned sentences explaining what each parameter consists of. We have for the first time navigated the application without worries and without bugs. The application is well thought out and its ergonomics is applied to the real use of its users.

The notifications ?

Every day you can add tasks and lists, and they get notifications of what they have to do. When the tasks are completed, you are notified. You have full control over the notification threshold. You just have to adjust them according to your chosen parameters.

Does the application work offline?

You can use the app only if you are logged in. To note that the MyFamiliz application does not allow you to receive notifications in offline mode.

Is it a secure app?

MyFamiliz strives to attach paramount importance to respect for the privacy of its customers, visitors to the website it manages, the use of its mobile application and the confidentiality of their personal data.

Who can use MyFamiliz?

The application does not presuppose a particular type of family organization.

It works for couples under the same roof as well as separated parents, co-parenting, single-parent or blended families.

Even children can use the app. They also have their tasks to accomplish in the form of adapted games and rewards. Perfect for pre-teens.

Moreover, you can choose the free version or the premium version of the application.

Later, according to your desires, you can create your schedule of tasks, appointments with the pediatrician and program reminders for your newborn baby’s bottle times.

What are the features of the MyFamiliz app?

  • A shared and synchronized calendar with personalized reminders for each family member.
  • The possibility of synchronizing your Ical, Google and Outlook calendar directly with the MyFamiliz calendar.
  • Share and assign tasks to the people of your choice according to the age and availability of each via manual or automatic distribution.
  • Create To do lists as you wish.
  • Shopping list to fill in manually or automatically generated according to the chosen menus.
  • Idea of ​​cooking recipes for young and old.
  • Menu planning in order to anticipate certain breakdowns of inspiration throughout your week.
  • No more pulling your hair out to get kids involved in chores with gaming for kids. a ssystem that awards them points to motivate them to participate in tasks.
  • Inform your family or loved ones by centralizing all useful information on a daily basis.
  • The application directly offers research assistance, for the needs of housekeeping or nanny.

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