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My beauty routine with Noreva –

My beauty routine with Noreva -

Today, I’m going to detail my beauty routine on an (almost) classic day that I have with Noreva products.

  • Aquareva Hydrating Serum – 17€ – 30 ml

Before putting on my usual moisturizer, I put on the Aquareva moisturizing serum. It prepares my skin to be better hydrated. The Aquareva range has been developed to bring vital water to the skin, to preserve its balance and restore its natural hydration processes. And it really shows.

The treatment is in the form of a delicately scented Aqua gel. Once put on the face, it feels like a small veil of water on the skin. It’s really very pleasant.

After several days, the skin regains comfort, softness and luminosity. The skin is prettier (since it is better hydrated!).

In terms of use, it’s very simple, you just need 2 or 3 pump strokes and apply it to a clean, dry face. Usually I put the serum on in the morning. My skin is then hydrated for 24 hours! I really love this serum, it is really very pleasant to use.

  • IKLEN + Eye contour 15ml -27€

Once I put on my serum, I put on a special cream for the eye contour. You are aware that the skin in this area is thinner and more fragile. It really requires targeted care. That’s why I tried IKLEN+ from Noreva.

It is a depigmenting anti-wrinkle eye contour. It is both anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-dark spots. In short, it’s a multifunctional treatment and I love it! Very easy to use, simply put a few mini hazelnuts on the eye contour and tap to make it penetrate. And wait for the miracle to work.

Thanks to its 2 pure hyaluronic acids combined with vitamin C and active ingredients specifically dedicated to the eye contour, you get a fresh and luminous look all day long! After several days, the look is brighter and less dull. I was able to see that my puffiness was reduced and my eye contour was firmer. You will love it for sure!

  • Aquareva Body Milk – 400ML – €9.90

Once I’ve finished my face routine (serum + eye contour + moisturizer), I don’t forget to moisturize my body. Generally, I do it in the evening when I have a little more time. I recently discovered Noreva’s Aquareva Body Lotion and I have to admit that like its cousin, the serum, I have become a fan of it.

My skin is very dry (much to my dismay). And the Aquareva body milk is specially designed for my skin type. In fact, it compensates for skin dryness, rebuilds the protective surface barrier and allows the skin to regain elasticity and softness. It will moisturize and protect the skin throughout the day, leaving a very pleasant satin appearance.

The advantage is that it penetrates easily, you can put your clothes on immediately after application! Another great advantage is that it is suitable for the whole family, including babies.

  • Hexaphane Foam dry shampoo – 150ml – All hair types – €9.90

When I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning and I’m really in a rush, I use dry shampoo exceptionally. What is a dry shampoo? Quite simply, it’s a waterless shampoo. Generally dry shampoos are in powder aerosol but Hexaphane is different since it is an active foam which makes it a product with innovative technology. It dissolves in the hair and scalp and dries very quickly, so it leaves no residue in the hair. Personally, for more speed, I preferred to put a little bit of hair dryer.

Usually, I always have a bit of a hard time with dry shampoos simply because they don’t last as long as they promise. But, you have to admit, Hexaphane from Noreva is really different from the others I’ve tested so far.

Indeed, the hair is not greasy, it is supple and light as if it had just been shampooed. And above all, the clean hair effect lasts all day. In short, it saves you a shampoo if you don’t have time!

Here you know everything about my little routine with these products!

The products are available in pharmacies and parapharmacies (or HERE).

For more information on the products, visit Noreva Laboratoires:

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