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My Baby List, the birth list that looks like you and guarantees the lowest prices: Neuf Mois has tested

My Baby List, the birth list that looks like you and guarantees the lowest prices: Neuf Mois has tested

Baby is on the way, it’s time to take stock of everything you need to buy to prepare for his arrival. This is when the birth list makes its appearance! For parents-to-be, the baby registry is a pretty convenient way to share and coordinate the gift list with family and friends. Mabébé is a new multi-store birth list creation site that is intuitive, more aesthetic and customizable from A to Z.

Lists are easy to create thanks to a birth assistant made available to you support you in your choices and you will also have access to opinions from future parents who have added these products to their list. The other great asset of the site is the price comparison, it automatically shows you where to buy your items for less. All these good elements have awakened our curiosity. We tested it for you

Create your birth list: The steps to follow

In order to create the birth list dedicated to your baby, you just need to create an account with your postal address and your baby’s information. Nothing’s easier !

Then comes the addition of products. My baby list shows you a selection of the best products from all your favorite shops (Vertbaudet, Autour de bebe, Aubert, etc.). You can see which products are added most often, reviews from parents, and add it to your list with one click.We browse by category and with a single click we add the chosen product to the list. Nothing else to do. It’s much simpler than other online lists that often require copy/paste of merchant links or the installation of plugins in your browser. You are also free to add any product you are interested in by adding the link.

The smart assistant is certainly useful for parents new to the site. For my part, knowing exactly what I wanted in my list, I searched in the categories and by keywords. The engine is ultra-fast and intuitive, and directly delivers relevant results.

When you choose your product, the comparator will show you where you can buy it at the lowest price.

When you fall in love with an item, all you have to do is add it to your birth list by clicking on the “+” at the top right and it will be automatically added to your list:

How to distribute your list?

Your list is a completely anonymized link that you can send directly to your contacts via whatsapp social networks etc. You can also make it public on your public accounts FB IG etc… But be careful in this case your postal address is visible to anyone who has the link.

However, in general, your privacy is protected by the fact that your list is not automatically public and is not visible to anyone browsing the site.

How is a purchase made?

When your loved ones want to purchase a gift, they will be taken to the page of the merchant they have chosen. They will need to use their account (eg their Amazon account) with your shipping address. However, they should not forget to check the reserved box in your list because this is not done automatically. If the item is not indicated as reserved, another relative risks buying it as a duplicate.

How is My Baby List positioned compared to other sites?

The My Baby List site is new compared to other birth list sites. What sets it apart from other sites is the speed of listing creation. The creation of the list is done from some information from your baby, while on sites like mydesires, you will have to fill in a lot of fields and provide more information.

Our opinion

My Baby List is a great discovery that should convince parents. Making a list is now more of a shopping experience, and less of a time-consuming chore.

It’s up to you to test it and make up your own mind.

Why make a birth list?

The principle of an online birth list has now become a habit. It’s a good way for the family to offer gifts without missing out! Future parents make their own selection, they share it, so there’s no risk of duplicates or gifts that won’t be used.

Birth lists are interesting for many reasons. Your friends, family, and co-workers will likely be very excited to give you gifts, and lists are an easy and convenient way to do that.

When to make your birth list?

There is no predefined period for making your birth list. It’s whenever you want but in general, it’s better to wait until the end of the first trimester. If you prefer, it is quite possible to start the birth list when the baby’s sex is discovered.

When to start distributing the list?

Sometimes it can be misinterpreted to send a birth list to someone who is not a relative and who does not intend to give you a gift. The best thing is to slip it discreetly into an invitation or a birth announcement. The superstitious will wait for the baby to be born before distributing the list.

What to put in a birth list?

Many wonder what to put in a birth list, furniture, toys or accessories. Baby lists can be organized into “themes”, such as bath essentials, baby bottles or clothes. There are no rules to follow, there can be anything in a birth list, the main objective being to please the baby. In principle, it is better to avoid adding the latest iphone or a bottle of vodka…

Are there any downsides to making a list?

There are also disadvantages to making a birth list. We mentioned that taking time to do it was recommended, but it can quickly become an inconvenience when you are impatient. Indeed, it takes time to think about what we really need, to learn about models and brands.

Purists will say that we remove the possibility for loved ones to offer gifts to their tastes and therefore there is no longer this surprise effect because we expected the gifts. In reality, nothing forces them to go through the list if they want to give gifts independently.

How to choose the right products?

To choose the right products, you have to ask the right questions. Do I have spacious accommodation? Am I more of a minimalist style or not? Am I more into technological products or simple things? The choices will be made according to the conditions to which you are constrained but also according to your tastes. Ask yourself these questions and take the time to think about the answers carefully, as they will influence the products you add to your list. Especially since My baby list provides useful information such as verified reviews or “the products most added by future parents”. A well-thought-out list might take a little longer, but we think it’s time well spent because in the end you’ll have made the right choices.

Here are the categories we think are the most useful: food, safety, “baby’s room” and “on the go”.

Can we add products that are not on the site?

Indeed, it is possible to add to your list the products not suggested, that is to say those which are not on the site. Using the “add product by link” button, you are free to add products from any other sites to your birth list.

What can be found on My Baby List?

On My Baby List, future parents have access to the catalogs of many specialized stores with a particular focus on childcare, decoration and baby clothing. For those who need advice on the equipment to buy, the site offers a guide to help parents in their choices with answers from specialists always with the aim of supporting you as well as possible in your selections.

What are the other advantages of the Ma Bébé Liste birth list?

The site also allows the creation of a kitty in which relatives will be able to contribute. It is a kitty that is free of charge while it is a paid one at most online birth list sites. The site also allows you to make partial participations on large items such as strollers or car seats, for example.

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