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More than ever, baby care rhymes with naturalness!

More than ever, baby care rhymes with naturalness!

According to Canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell, it only takes 10% of a population to adopt new practices to lead the rest of the population. When it comes to the use of more natural treatments, the tipping point is near.

Skincare products go green

Consumer trends are all oriented towards more naturalness. Care is not left out. A phenomenon boosted by the current health crisis, which has profoundly upset habits and lifestyles.

This desire for naturalness translates into the need to use ingredients of natural origin, and transparent. Finished the compositions with extension names that do not inspire confidence, the consumer wants simplicity, without cutting corners on efficiency.

Simple and effective products, nothing like making space in the bathroom. Many products now have several uses, this is called slow cosmetics. Example with lipstick which can be used as a blush, or concealer which is used to hide small imperfections.

This aspiration for more naturalness is also reflected in a drastic reduction (or even a total disappearance) of single-use packaging, responsible for a good part of the pollution of the oceans. The trend is towards glass containers, upcycled or recycled packaging, and bulk products, without packaging.

and it’s even more true when it comes to Baby’s skin

The skin of babies being much more vulnerable than that of adults, the consumer is all the more demanding when it comes to baby care. If for a long time aggressive treatments, such as detergents and alcohol-based lotions, no longer attract many people, spa players are also led to rethink their offers. The case of Uriage, which has just revisited its 1st Baby Care range, is a good example.

The issue is not safety, Uriage care has always been safe. The products in the 1st Baby Care range are indeed subject to pediatric and dermatological control, as well as clinical studies, which attest to their very good skin tolerance and their effectiveness. Uriage is also acclaimed by dermatologists, pediatricians and maternity wards.

No, the issue is elsewhere. It is quite simply a question of marrying the consumer’s desire for naturalness and of being part of a sustainability approach. From cleansing oil for the bath to moisturizing milk for daily use, via perfume, sunscreen or even specific care such as the drying spray or the anti-itching balm, Uriage has worked on new, more minimalist formulas. and natural, coated in resolutely eco-responsible packaging. The laboratory offers up to 98%[1] ingredients of natural origin, including two substances from the Alps: thermal water from Uriage of course, and organic edelweiss. However, there is no question of ignoring the results. Uriage has retained the most effective active ingredients and preservatives to hydrate, soothe and protect the epidermis, while strengthening the skin barrier.

[1] ISO 16128 standard

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