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More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday November 17, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday November 17, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… The Nebout, Boher and Belesta families are recovering. Betty acts as a waitress at the bar. The bets are on to find out the sex of Barbara’s future baby.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

While Kilian is still sleeping, Betty gets up without daring to wake him. She takes the lead at the bar by ensuring the opening. When Kilian joins her, he is impressed by her skills. Betty reveals to him that she has already worked as an extra in a bar and that she knows the basics.

Frémont turns out to be one of the first customers. Betty serves him his coffee, but gets scolded when she spills some. She explains to Frémont that it’s because he impresses her. Flattered, the latter orders a croissant and a squeezed orange juice. Kilian, who has never seen Frémont order anything other than coffee in his bar, admires Betty.

The girl also provides lunch service. Claire is very grateful for her help, especially in Leo’s absence. Nisma, who sits at the counter, is very happy to see Kilian and Betty being well together.

Later, Noé goes to the Mistral bar. Kilian and Betty confirm to him that they have gotten back together and that they are leaving on a good footing. Noah and Betty apologize to each other. After which, Kilian invites his ex best friend to stay for a drink. This one accepts.

After the bar closes, Kilian asks Betty if she would like to work there officially as a waitress. He also offers her to move in with him in his apartment just above. The young girl accepts, admitting to being on a small cloud.

Patrick takes great care with Babeth to make up for what he did to her. His wife forgives him and the couple find themselves as before. At the end of the day, the Nebouts are all reunited: Patrick and Babeth welcome Léa and Émilie, as well as Yolande, who has returned from Spain where she saw Valentin. The family celebrates their reunion with a party.

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul attends Barrault’s interrogation by Revel. The deputy mayor admits having sent Marcus to Algeria to find Samia because she had discovered the secret of her origins. He wanted to offer her money in exchange for her silence. When she refused, he tasked Marcus with scaring her off.

But the latter, as an uncontrollable mercenary, exceeded his orders. Barrault understood this too late and therefore considers himself a collateral victim. Jean-Paul answers him frankly that he considers him a dark piece of shit. Because of him, Lucie grows up without her mother. After which, Barrault is taken back to the cell.

The prosecutor then informs Jean-Paul that Samia will be decorated with the Legion of Honor posthumously. Jean-Paul is very touched by this gesture. Once alone, he sees the ghost of his ex-wife again and remembers their meeting at the police station.

He regrets not having told her enough how much he admired her. Samia’s ghost then asks her to receive the medal from her hands, which Jean-Paul executes. He then takes her in his arms, promising not to let Lucie forget him.

Later, on leaving the police station, Jean-Paul meets Barrault when he is to be transferred to Les Baumettes. The former Deputy Mayor points out that the Commissioner shared the same ideas as him when he was younger. Jean-Paul admits it, but replies that he has since evolved. Barrault sticks to his guns: he belongs to the future and Jean-Paul to the past.

Leo is in a hurry: to find out the sex of Barbara’s future baby. Yolande affirms that it is a girl because her belly pushes down, to which Claire retorts that it pushes to a point, a sign that she is expecting a boy. Sure of herself, Yolande offers to bet. Leo sides with his partner, while Mirta, challenged by Yolande, prefers to give herself time to think things over.

While sharing a coffee with her daughter on the Marci terrace, Mirta takes the opportunity to ask Barbara about some of her habits since she became pregnant. Mirta and Luna conclude that she is expecting a girl. At the next table, Estelle and Nathan overhear their conversation and join the bet.

For his part, Abdel denigrates the conversation group to which Nisma added him on which the Mistralians are betting on the sex of Barbara’s baby. He expresses his annoyance about it, then leaves for a business meeting.

Meanwhile, Barbara has to do another ultrasound. Gabriel takes care of it, but he is interrupted by the incessant vibrations of his phone. Barbara encourages him to pick up. This is Thomas, who wants to know the sex of the baby. Barbara hears this and draws a confession from Gabriel, who tells her that a bet is running in the neighborhood. The funds will be fully donated to him to buy something to take care of the baby. The kitty already exceeds 200 euros.

Barbara decides to gather all her friends at the Marci to tell them what they want to know so much: she is expecting a boy. Everyone rejoices. Leo then asks her if she has already chosen a first name…

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