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Make a baby play mat

Make a baby play mat

Whether you are a young parent, or you are looking for a birth gift to offer to one of your loved ones, you are certainly looking for a way to welcome the newborn who will soon point the tip of his nose in the most pretty way ever. Here is an idea that is sure to please: a handmade activity mat. Discover immediately the Singer brand tutorial for make a baby play mat in the shape of a lemon.

Handmade baby accessories

New parents usually need a lot of accessories and clothes to take care of their baby. So a birth gift is always welcome to help these new dads and new moms. And what better than handmade for the occasion ? The choice is wide! A DIY baby mobile, a super cute bloomer, homemade baby care or even a rattle to distract your baby and awaken his senses. Whether you are an expert in sewing and embroidery, or you are a DIY beginner, don’t worry, you will find what you are looking for!

Why choose handmade for a baby?

VS’is well known, during the first years of their life, the babies grow so fast that we have to renew their wardrobe very quickly. Rather than spending a fortune every month to change accessories and the wardrobe of babythere is the handmade ! More economical and more ethical, handmade allows you to choose the materials you will use to make the baby accessories. We will rather choose organic fabrics to avoid the presence of pesticides in the clothes, untreated wood so that our little ones can teethe safely or wool without lanolin so as not to knit baby a sweater that scratch. On the other hand, you can personalize your birth gift so that it is like the baby who will wear it, by embroidering his first name on a pretty drum for example.

A lemon-shaped baby activity mat

For baby to learn his first skills, a playmat is essential. It will allow him to play on the floor without hurting himself, and to stimulate his senses with touch, sight, etc. And if it’s pretty, it’s even better! The Singer sewing machine brand therefore offers you a tutorial to make a magnificent baby activity mat in the shape of a lemon, to be personalized with the color of your choice. In addition, we play the card of upcycling by recycling an old blanket as padding for your playmat.

Material :

  • A blanket to recycle
  • 2 meters from

    double gauze

    the color and pattern of your choice (here grey)
  • yellow yarn
  • A sewing machine, such as the SINGER Featherweight

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