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Lisieux: organic, sustainable and eco-responsible care products for newborn babies

Lisieux: organic, sustainable and eco-responsible care products for newborn babies

The brand of bath products for babies, Mon Petit Bain, arrives in Lisieux (Calvados). ©Fanny Tual

Caroline Paumier, founder of Mon Petit Bain, recently left Trouville to settle in Lisieux (Calvados), taking her family and business with her. It makes natural care products and textiles for babies’ toilets.

A craft approach

After many years in the social sector, notably as a trained nurse, Caroline Paumier decided to found her own brand of baby products in 2020. “My Little Bath came to me when I had my son . I had this desire to work around the baby,” emphasizes Caroline Paumier.

“The bath is a privileged and pleasant moment for the newborn and the parent. I wanted to make products that weren’t found everywhere and that were healthy! »

Caroline Paumier, founder of Mon Petit Bain

The textiles are made by independent seamstresses located near Lisieux, in 100% organic cotton terry embellished with noble fabrics such as Liberty of London.

small bath
Caroline Paumier, founder of Mon Petit Bain, offers textiles and care products for newborns. ©Fanny Tual

The founder of Mon Petit Bain wanted to make essential products for the well-being of the newborn and in his interest, avoiding the presence of preservatives, essential oils or perfumes.

The Mon Petit Bain brand is labeled GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guaranteeing an organic cotton fiber, a fabric without chemical treatment, respectful working conditions for textile workers as well as the preservation of the environment.

“I wanted a 100% French brand that was super clean on all sides and that lasted over time,” recalls Caroline Paumier.

“Sustainable products make it possible to consume less, but better”

Caroline Paumier, founder of Mon Petit Bain

Healthy and timeless products

Everything is considered before being designed by the designer. For the bathrobes, these are meticulously thought out so that no seams or labels bother the baby’s skin. They are intended for premature babies at around 1 year.

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The garment closes with wooden buttons to best swaddle the infant after his bath. “It is ideal for sea trips to protect the baby from the wind”, assures the founder.

small bath
The founder offers original and ingenious bathrobes. ©Fanny Tual

Washable wipes are available for the change and the mother. Enriched with organic oat milk and calendula, the soap provides optimal hydration to prevent tightness and soothes atopic skin (eczema/atopic dermatitis).

“The soaps are cold saponified, a process which allows the properties of the oils to be preserved, unlike Marseille soaps”.

Caroline Paumier, founder of Mon Petit Bain

Caroline Paumier sells washcloths for children aged 3 to 6 to teach them how to wash in a fun way. Half portion soaps are provided with the gloves. Finally, Caroline Paumier offers an oil-limestone liniment enriched with beeswax to protect the baby’s seat.

The entrepreneur can deliver her items between Trouville, Cabourg and Lisieux. Regarding prices, the saleswoman explains: “Our eco-responsible and sustainable approach is reflected in the final price”.

The entrepreneur does not intend to stop there. Having graduated from baby massage training, this former nurse would like to launch the concept in Lisieux.

She hopes to soon open a pop-up shop at her home, serving as her workplace.

Saturday July 30, 2022, it is possible to find this French and original brand at the Biocop in Lisieux from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Caroline Paumier will lead a workshop to present Mon Petit Bain.

Mon Petit Bain is located at 8 rue du Général Leclerc and 11 rue Basse Navarin (same place) in Lisieux. Available on Contact: 06 95 23 64 55.

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