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Liniment, serum… Update on toiletries for babies

Liniment, serum... Update on toiletries for babies

Milk, liniment, massage oil… There are hundreds of bath and body products for toddlers. From special baby “soap” to specific anti-redness or cradle cap creams, they are more or less essential. What products for the baby’s toilet?

baby massage oil

Some parents like massage their baby, to cuddle him, make him aware of his body and possibly calm his little stomach aches. The best moment : after the bathwhen the toddler is completely relaxed…

What to wash baby with: petroleum jelly for cradle cap

A few tips can help you get rid of these small unsightly but harmless milk crusts. In the evening, before going to bed, gently massage the skull of your baby with Vaseline which will act during the night and soften the scabs: they will thus be easy to take off in the morning with a fine comb. End with a shampoo and light brushing. There are also specific products: most brands offer an anti-cradle cap gel or cream.

A water paste for her red buttocks

The water-based paste is a mixture of glycerine and water to which zinc oxide has been added: the latter has antiseptic properties which protect baby’s skin bacterial attacks. Once you have carefully cleaned her buttocks, spread a good thickness of paste with water which constitutes a protective film. This prevents the acidity of the urine from attacking the skin and your baby has the red buttocks.

Physiological serum for baby’s eyes and nose

For your baby’s eyes, use compresses soaked in saline solution (always going from the inner angle to the outside of the eye, that is to say from the cleanest to the dirtiest). Physiological serum is also used to moisten small cotton balls to clean the nose of your little one.

With what to wash baby glove or sponge?

A soap-free gel or bar for baby’s bath

The soap is indeed too detergent for the sensitive skin of infants. Opt for a bread, easy to handle and less to transport, or for a gel, in a bottle or tube. The “body-hair” formula is ideal for toddlers: the product is applied directly to the baby’s skin and head, previously wet, installed on the changing table, then rinsed in a small bathtub.

Choosing a cleansing milk for the newborn’s toilet

It cleans well, but not as well as soap with warm water. Prefer it when traveling and choose it hypoallergenic. When the instructions for use do not specify, it is that the skin must be rinsed with water, thermal or from the tap, if it is not too hard. Babies with fragile skin can be allergic to cleansing milk, so even when the label says “no rinse”, if your baby has dry or rough skin, rinse with water.

Hygiene: oleo-calcareous liniment to clean the baby seat after the change

the calcial lining is a mixture of olive oil and lime water. Used for the hygiene care of infants, its use has even been considered by teams from the Cochin hospital for premature babies. the calcial lining is particularly suitable for children with allergies and prevents diaper rash (red buttocks). If the latter is suffering from diaper rash, it is also possible to use thermal water. This cleansing water has soothing properties that will not further irritate the infant’s seat.

Care: a cleansing cream or milk to moisturize baby’s skin after birth

The skin of babies is fragile: at birth, it is still immature. It is therefore necessary tohydrate and protect it (but not necessarily every day) with a suitable cream. A classic moisturizer and/or, for very dry skin or areas, a cream with cold cream (fatty substance based on beeswax, petroleum jelly and vegetable oils).

What baby toiletries should you avoid?

For the toilet of the infant, there are several types of products that should be avoided. These can indeed contain harmful substances. This avoids products containing paraben because the latter can have an impact on the skin of the infant. For baby care, we also avoid cosmetic products because they are not useful for baby’s skin. Products with phenoxyethanol are also to be avoided because it is an endocrine disruptor. As for talc, it had been declared a carcinogen several years ago.

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