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Les Sables-d’Olonne: Naîtsens guides parents in meeting their baby

Les Sables-d'Olonne: Naîtsens guides parents in meeting their baby

Chloé Jahan is a childcare nurse and offers perinatal support. ©Journal des Sables

“At birth, a child transforms two adults into parents. We can thus say that it is the child who makes the parent. »

This quote from the famous pediatrician and psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto speaks a lot to Chloé Jahan. The young childcare nurse has just launched her perinatal support activity in Les Sables-d’Olonne: Naîtsens.

“If I use this quote, it is because it perfectly describes the heart of this professional activity that I am launching. I am a support. I accompany, I do not do in place of the parents. I put the child and his physiological needs at the heart of the couple’s parenting project”.

Chloé Jahan, child care nurse, at the head of Naîtsens.

A nurse who graduated in 2019, Chloé Jahan satisfied her “thirst for adventure and discovery of the rites of childcare in the four corners of the world”, first via an internship in Cambodia in a maternity ward and in a dispensary, then in Haiti where she volunteered in an institute for deaf and deaf-mute children and finally in Mayotte. There, she was a maternity intern before obtaining a nursing position at the mother-child center of the island.

“I worked for a year in the neonatology department of the maternity ward. It was in Mayotte that I wanted to go further by entering a nursery school. I chose to stay there, because I like their vision of child care: community life, child massage…”

Chloé Jahan, child care nurse, at the head of Naîtsens.

The baby at the center of parenthood

Finally, the desire to return to the sources, to Sables-d’Olonne, was stronger. “When I returned to France, I worked for a year in maternity and I realized that the parents here are isolated. They need support, listening and a space for resources”, explains the young woman.

It was on the strength of this observation that she created her company Naîtsens. Chloé Jahan offers preparation workshops for the arrival of a baby in addition to those offered by midwives.

“Me, I will rather talk about what we need to buy (the essential and the superficial), the baby’s sleep pattern, care, crying, etc. Parents think they are good parents by buying a lot of equipment, but, in fact, we simply forget the physiological needs of the child. And it is by paying attention to this that we achieve a peaceful daily life. We have to put the baby back at the center of parenting”.

Chloé Jahan, child care nurse, at the head of Naîtsens.

Breastfeeding preparation workshop, emotional reflexology for babies and perinatal consultation are the other services offered by the nurse who is in the process of training in other practices. Physiological carrying workshop in December and baby massage in January will join its list of services. Chloé Jahan is also about to start a baby thalasso-bath training course.

“A moment during which the baby relives his birth in a peaceful way. It releases tensions and emotions in the newborn.

Chloé Jahan, child care nurse, at the head of Naîtsens.

She works at home in the area of ​​Les Sables-d’Olonne and its surroundings.

Future parents can get in touch from the 7e month of pregnancy or to be offered a service, an excellent birth gift idea that is as useful for the baby as it is for his parents.

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