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Les Clayes-sous-Bois – A startup to support parents in feeding their babies

La Gazette de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Yangi’s baby food. This is the name of the startup founded by Joyce-Audrey Eyanga. A company, which was officially created last January, but still in the test phase. She will offer coaching to parents on their child’s nutrition, but also baby food to different establishments, in the catering and hotel industry.

“I have always liked the field of childhood, says this 29-year-old Clétienne, a psychologist by training, and whose project accelerated after she herself gave birth to a child. By becoming a mother, I was even more interested in early childhood in particular, whether emotionally, psychologically, what happens with parents, becoming a parent, etc. But also at the nutritional level, because inevitably, we all want the best for our children, and in the world of babies, it goes a lot through nutrition. »

She thus gives her own example, confiding in particular that she has breastfed her baby, which led her to ask herself a lot of questions: “What are we as mothers, should we eat, not eat, how do we introduce the first foods, which are the best, which brands to turn to… I had a lot of questions in my head at the same time. That’s when I really thought about this Yangi’s adventure. Entrepreneurship had always interested me more or less, it was really at this time that I thought about it, because I really saw the links that could be made between the nutritional sides and the psychological side. That’s what I want to bring through this company. »

Thus was born Yangi’s baby food, “the alliance between food – baby food – and parenting support”, according to Joyce-Audrey Eyanga. This company offers two service components. Both, for individuals, “parenting support, both on nutritional and psychological issues”, as well as “food for babies”. For professionals in the hotel and catering industry, a partnership will be materialized by the sale of small jars for babies, in particular vegetable and fruit purees, she lists. All so that “when the parent goes out, he has this mental load less” of having to organize himself for the meal of his baby, because “he knows that the establishment where he goes has already provided food for his child “says the entrepreneur, who already has “two or three” suppliers, and is approaching others.

Yangi’s baby food also offers psychological and nutritional support to early childhood professionals, especially nurseries. Joyce-Audrey Eyanga plays a coaching role with the various clients while her husband, with whom she founded the company, manages the logistics more. They each obtained a loan of honor of 5,000 euros from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines last December. That is 10,000 euros in total thanks to this system which thus made it possible “to have a contribution to present to the banks” and “to test my idea […] with people who know each other and could give me a real contact other than that of friends who will really always be supporters, a much more professional opinion, ”explains Joyce-Audrey Eyanga. She also benefited from support from the SQYCub “in particular on issues such as establishing business plans, obtaining initial funding”.

Today, Yangi’s baby food is in the test phase. “Here, I am in a stage of co-construction, […] it’s coaching that I offer to a fairly restricted circle for the moment”, specifies Joyce-Audrey Eyanga, adding that the goal is to “test the product, see how it is received” and “get the opinion of ‘other parents who may have similar or different experiences from ours’. More information on

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