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Joy Esther radiant mother-to-be

Joy Esther radiant mother-to-be

Joy Esther, end-of-year magicmaman magazine cover girl

“I have a huge die, but I wasn’t going to cancel anyway! It is more or less in these terms that Joy arrives at the Marie Claire Group’s photo studio at the end of September, with the determination and outspokenness that we know for her. Pregnancy is trying for the Franco-Spanish, and she does not hide it. However, we feel the emotion when she discovers the first shots that appear on the screen of our photographer, with her pretty round belly still all tanned. ” It’s crazy ! We do not realize that we change so much! The outfits follow one another, and the shots too. Then comes the lunch break. We then talk about New Year’s Eve: “You realize, at Christmas, she will be there. I will have a baby! “A little girl, therefore, impatiently awaited for the one who was the interpreter of Chloé Varenko in Our Dear Neighbours.

A complicated start to pregnancy for Joy Esther

Joy, how are you coping with your pregnancy?

After a rather complicated start, I feel very good. Pregnancy is one hell of an experience! I had a horrible first trimester of pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, feelings of depression… We don’t warn women enough. We go through so many emotions! Then I contracted Covid-19. For three weeks, I never stopped coughing. The fifth month, it was finally relief.

Becoming a mother, is it a long-time desire?

I always wanted to have at least one child. There, it’s been a year that with my boyfriend (Andrea Condorelli, editor’s note) we tried. However, the day I saw my positive pregnancy test was a shock!

How did you tell her about the pregnancy?

He was in Italy, confined to a hotel room. I sent him a message saying “I’m positive”. He replied: “Do you have the Covid too? to which I specified: “No, the other test”. After a minute or two, the time he received the news, he called me on video. He was shocked, laughing with nervousness, with joy… We had tears in our eyes.

Did the first ultrasound upset you?

I did a dating ultrasound at 6-7 weeks. We couldn’t hear the heart, so I was scared, even though the sonographer reassured me by telling me that it was normal. The next one, I heard, it was like unreal! Subsequently, although I knew I was pregnant, as long as I didn’t feel my baby, I had a hard time realizing. Fortunately, it happened quickly and since then he has been moving around a lot. In utero tonics are said to be calm after birth, we’ll see.

Joy Esther, working mother-to-be

How do you prepare for the arrival of your baby?

My daughter is already above the growth chart, so I’m afraid she’ll come early. We bought the stroller and recovered the bed and the deckchair from a friend. As for the clothes, I fell for a few bodysuits, and my girlfriends gave me five bags of clothes size 0-9 months. The drawers are already full! And then, I buy less than before, or else second-hand, to avoid overconsumption.

Do you continue to work on your professional projects?

When you’re an actress, when you get older, when you’re expecting a child…, you tell yourself that you’re going to be zapped. However, there, I already know that the rehearsals of a play that I love, delayed by the Covid, resume in March. Of course, it will surely be difficult to leave the little one, but I am happy that my professional life continues. And I might have a movie shot in 2023, but hush!

You are also the face of Elenature, an organic hair brand. Why did you choose to lend your image?

My ecological conscience has woken up. So when the brand contacted me, it was obvious. I tested everything and, as I have a lot of allergies (I ended up in the hospital three times because of an ingredient present in competitors), I was convinced, especially since I submit my strained hair. The products are effective, organic, natural and vegan. They smell great and look great in the bathroom, too!

Speaking of grooming, do you have a particular routine since you got pregnant?

My girlfriends told me: “As soon as your pregnancy test is positive, put some anti-stretch mark oil”. I bought some the very next day. I apply it morning and evening. For the moment, nothing to declare! And I hardly wear makeup anymore, except for a little mascara.

In 2017, you did Dance with the starsdo you continue to exercise?

During the first four months, I was too sick. Then I did some cardio, biking, hill walking, at my own pace. Then I started prenatal yoga via an app while on vacation. Since my return, I’ve been doing it with a coach friend. I want to stay active, but without pressure.

On the food side, are you focused on what you swallow?

Usually, I have a good fork, I don’t deprive myself and I eat a variety. So, apart from what is not recommended, I eat the same amounts as before. I miss sushi and charcuterie. On the other hand, I have no desire for pregnancy! At this point, I have gained 10 kilos.

Childbirth, postpartum and baby’s first name: Joy Esther is getting ready

Are you apprehensive about giving birth?

My due date is December 7th. In Italy, I was told it was November 28, the method of calculation is different. So I said to myself that everything had to be ready for October 25th. With the future dad, we are well organized, so everything is fine. Also, I’m not one to stress. I’m not afraid of the hospital, I trust the doctors. And I tell myself that billions of women have been there!

And postpartum?

I don’t prepare for it specifically, the same for breastfeeding. I have so many girlfriends who have put pressure on themselves and who have experienced it badly… If I can, I will, but I tell myself that it may not be possible. As for the baby blues, it may happen. I won’t be ashamed to ask for help. Birth is an upheaval, it’s normal to need support.

Little indiscretion to finish: have you already found the first name?

Yes ! We immediately agreed on a shortlist of two, then we had to decide. All summer, it was anxiety, impossible to choose. Until the second 3D ultrasound: I only had one name in mind. Since then, we call our daughter that. It’s important to us, and it makes it even more present in our lives.

Interview conducted at the end of September 2022

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