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In Nice, an information day is devoted to pregnant women, this Saturday, to better prepare for the arrival of a baby.

In Nice, an information day is devoted to pregnant women, this Saturday, to better prepare for the arrival of a baby.

The first 1000 days of a child, from the beginning of the 4th month of pregnancy until the age of 2 years, are decisive. His body and his brain are developing in an extraordinary way. But, from the mother’s desire for a child to the smiles of the newborn, the journey is punctuated with joy, as well as doubts and questions.

Even before birth, a baby’s health, well-being, relationships are already beginning to be built.

During the period of 1000 days, children are very sensitive to the environments in which they grow up, to their first life experiences and this has a lasting influence on their development.

A very young child mainly needs a lot of attention, good food and a safe environment.

However, faced with the breakdown of families and couples as well as the change in society that increasingly isolates mothers, a national plan was launched last year to help and advise them during this period.

On Saturday November 5, in reference to the National Public Health Plan for the first 1000 days, at the bandstand in the Albert 1er garden, a Pregnant Woman’s Day will bring together institutions (CPAM, Municipal Services, CAF, midwives, SOS préma, Accueil Femmes Solidarités, etc.), specialized associations and medical experts.

Martine Grimaldi is a gynecologist, health and environment project manager at the Nice Cote d’Azur Metropolis.

She explains how scientific advances have made it possible to better measure the importance of the period from pregnancy to the child’s 2 years: “The study of the impact of endocrine disruptors from intrauterine life has made it possible to highlight the importance of a child’s early interactions on their future health.”

“Environmental phenomena such as diet, emotions, chemical environment modify the expression of our genes and induce diseases or pathologies such as, for example, obesity, diabetes, cancers and behavioral disorders in children. child (hyperactivity, autism…)”

Martine Grimaldi, gynecologist, project manager Health Environment Metropolis Nice Cote d’Azur

Recent data clearly demonstrate that intrauterine health and emotional experience have a real impact on health in adulthood.

This is why the 1000-day period is a pivotal period and support for parenthood is targeted by the Ministry of Health. The National Plan is also piloted by a neuropsychiatrist sponsor and professor at the University of Toulon: Boris Cyrulnik. In a recent conference, he takes him back to the period of 1000 days even before fertilization.

Martine Grimaldi says nothing else:

The mother must be supported in her emotions as she must be, upstream, when she is pregnant, even in the practice of a physical activity. Emotional, relational and physical health is largely revealed during this period, which goes until the child is 2 years old.

The rebalancing of the way of life of the mother and the child, in the 1st years and throughout life, can compensate for intrauterine deficiencies or intrauterine toxic exposures. Martine Grimaldi is formal:

Take the case, for example, of an emotionally isolated mother, finding herself in an insecure context, if, at birth, the child is surrounded by benevolence, it will develop at its own pace in resilience mode. This is the whole point of early support for parenthood, because, of course; it is better to be in the prevention than in the correction of possible disorders.

A wellness area will be, on Saturday, devoted to future mothers, mothers and children: qi gong, sophrology, yoga, hypnosis, plantar reflexology…

Pregnant Women’s Day in Nice will also and above all be round tables of medical experts. Martine Grimaldi will host 4 conference-debates, the first of which will begin at 11 a.m. The opportunity to ask all the questions that future parents and young parents ask themselves.

Barbara Prot, municipal councilor in charge of prevention, education and health, imagined this day so that it best meets the needs of parents.

The 3rd conference will focus on how to have a healthy environment for the baby. The municipality is doing a lot in this direction. There is degradable cellulose for food in nurseries and canteens and more plastic. The table material is glass or stainless steel. The small jars are organic and the products used to clean are free of endocrine disruptors.

Pediatric first aid

Pregnant Women’s Day is intended to be educational, informative and fun. Barbara Prot got involved in this day which should be sunny.

Stands like the one for pediatric first aid offered by firefighters are essential for parents. Lots of advice will be given concerning, for example, the ventilation of the baby’s room after painting the walls, the use of furniture stuffed with toxic products, the products to use to have a healthy home (and even, to make your own products), with what and how to wash clothes before putting them on baby.

The first 1,000 days are where it all begins and this meeting on Saturday should make it possible to live them as best as possible.

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