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“I immediately felt a connection”

“I immediately felt a connection”

Claire Millsa young woman of 25, did not expect this shocking event on her way to work. Nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit, her schedule was always busy. Busy days to which was added a second job for several years. Indeed, the American then had to repay a loan for the purchase of her new house in Sugarland, Texas.

The young woman was only at her second week of work at Houston Methodist Hospital when she was called for an emergency C-section. She is unfortunately faced with a pregnancy that has been punctuated with difficulties. The medical team therefore chose a childbirth before the term. Despite complications during the operation, the team manages to give birth to Jackson, a premature baby boy who weighs only 1.6 kg. This is when everything changes for Claire.

A nurse gives her moving testimony

Claire has already intervened in many deliveries, some more difficult than others. However, what she felt for this baby is completely new for the young woman. ” It seemed familiar to me “, she said. Before adding: I immediately felt a connection “. Premature, the child continued to receive treatment at the hospital. Throughout these weeks of hospitalization, the young nurse befriended with the mom.

The two women spent a long time talking. The young mother confided in her life difficulties and in particular on her precarious situation. Finally, after several weeks, the mother is asked to leave the establishment. Claire then felt a tear of incredible violence. ” I was so hurt that I cried. I couldn’t bring myself not to see Jackson anymore. As if I had been separated from a part of me “, she confided.

Steps taken with the help of social services

Claire, knowing the young mother’s situation, tried everything to help her, even from a distance. ” I called the social worker and asked her if I could do anything to help the mom. “, she revealed in her testimony. Jackson’s biological mother was immediately made aware of Claire’s approach. Her answer plunged the nurse even further into her grief: she explained that she could not afford to raise Jackson. She then shared that she was considering taking steps to adopt him.

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A beautiful friendship born in the hospital between the two women

Claire saw this request from the young mother as “ a sign “. She then made an unexpected decision: become the adoptive mother of Jackson. A heavy decision, but which seemed obvious to the young woman. ” It’s like I knew all along that our stories were connected. Jackson and I were meant for each other. “, she shared, not without emotion. Claire had not yet planned to become a mother in her single condition. However, she received the help of her relatives to welcome this baby into her home.

Thanks to the support of social services, things went well and the adoption was quickly achieved. “ I don’t remember my life before him “, she said a few months later. Jackson’s birth mother isn’t completely out of his life either. Thanks to that beautiful friendship which binds them, the two women have teamed up to ensure the best life for the little one. Indeed, when Claire works, Jackson remains under the care of his biological mother. An adoption “ by chance “, as indicated by the adoptive mother, but which turned into a very beautiful story.

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