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How to properly cut baby’s nails? Starting at what age ?

How to properly cut baby's nails?  Starting at what age ?

The expert: Sophie Leguen, childcare nurse

Among the care to bring to baby, will sooner or later come the time to cut his nails. As for any first time, this can create a little apprehension.

At what age do you cut your baby’s nails for the first time?

Nails grow more or less quickly depending on the child. The first few weeks, there is usually no need to worry about it, since the nails are not not too long. Moreover, before 1 month, it is not even recommended to cut your baby’s nails.

Why not cut baby’s or newborn’s nails before 1 month?

“Baby’s nails are quite fragile and soft for the first few weeks, it’s too early to cut them, explains Sophie Leguen, childcare nurse and founder of the blog. Furthermore, his skin adheres to the nail and it is difficult to distinguish the two. There is therefore a risk of injuring the baby.

Baby scratches: the nail file, an ally

Sometimes, however, baby has nails long enough to scratch in the first weeks. “If baby has a little long nails, we will not necessarily start by cutting them. We rather go file them because the nails are very fragile the first weeks after birth”, advises the child care nurse. For this, we use a small file cardboard or glass. We can also put small mittens on his hands to protect him from scratches.

After 1 month: nail clippers or scissors? The interest of a kit, or manicure set, for babies

To cut baby’s nails, you have the choice between nail clippers or scissors. The first few months, until her nails harden and you feel comfortable, it’s best to use a pair of scissors with rounded ends to cut baby’s fingernails. Then, around 6 months, you can switch to nail clippers. There are even manicure kits or sets specially designed for babies and adapted to the size of their fingers. You will be well equipped!

How to cut baby fingernails?

To cut baby’s nails, choose a time when he is calm. If he fidgets, seems upset or upset, it’s best to postpone the haircut. Then, carry baby against you and hold his little fingerss in your hand. Slide the scissor blade between the nail and the skin to avoid cutting baby. It is important to cut straight nails and not too short to avoid any risk of ingrown toenail and infection. Also remember to disinfect your pair of scissors with 90° alcohol in order to limit the risk of infection and reserve these toiletries for babies only.

The trick to cutting baby’s nails

Thinking of cutting baby’s nails after the bath? “The water may soften them a bit, it’s not necessarily the best time to do it. We can do it after breastfeeding for example when the baby is satiated and a little sleepy. The ideal is to cut his nails when he sleeps”advises the child care nurse.

The nails of toes grow slower than those of the hands, so you can wait a little longer before taking care of them. For the nails of the toes, proceed in the same way as for the hands. And if baby tends to fidgetthe pediatric nurse suggests working in pairs: one keeps the child busy or distracts him while the other can cut his nails.

How often do you cut your nails?

The frequency of nail trimming depends on their regrowth. In general, once every fortnight enough for the hands. For toenails, which take longer to grow, bet on one cut per month.

Cutting baby’s nails: what to do in the event of an accident?

If you notice in the days following the cut that baby has a finger a little red, disinfect it with an antiseptic solution. If this persists or your baby seems to be in pain, talk to your doctor Where pediatrician.

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