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How to optimize the change, the toilet and the bath of Baby?

How to optimize the change, the toilet and the bath of Baby?

You read correctly: Biolane, 50 years of expertise at the service of the well-being of babies with products that respect their skin but also the planet. But if being equipped is 50% of the way covered, knowing the right gestures for each need is 50% guaranteed pleasure and efficiency! Or a 100% winning jackpot on arrival.

baby’s bath

Washing your baby, it is anticipated. To make this moment a real relaxing break, think about (in order):

  • check the room temperature. A baby gets cold quickly, it must be around 25 degrees.
  • install all your essential products at your fingertips. Namely: sound body and hair washing gel and his bathrobe. Frun the water at 37°. Use a thermometer to be sure.
  • undress your baby just before immersing him in water. First the feet, then the buttocks, the rest of the body and the head, up to the ears. Always make sure to hold him by the arm by slipping your arm under his neck. So your little one is safe and you have a free hand to wash them.
  • if he has cradle cap, don’t try to scrape them off. Use a cream one to two hours before the bath, to apply in small circular massages, to pose, then to rinse with the body and hair washing gel. You can also use sweet almond oil (in addition to its natural composition, it has the advantage of being able to be used a few minutes before the bath).

Then, take Baby out of the water if he cries. Is he like a fish in water? Make the fun last, but no more than 10 minutes (in all)! And remember, if the toilet should be daily, then the bath can be taken three times a week.

Once out and calm, do not hesitate to apply moisturizer baby on dry areas. That of Biolane is moisturizing and nourishing and can be applied both to the face and to the body. Practical for not cluttering up the bathroom and the vanity!

Baby change

Not always easy to know when to change a diaper. Especially since some babies do not cry to show that it is full. Always keep in mind that a meal = a diaper to change (especially during the first weeks) and that a pleasant nap starts with a clean diaper. As for the bath, make sure:

  • having at hand all the material necessary for changing, either wipes, liniment, changing cream and a diaper. In case of irritation or redness of the buttocks, prefer diaper cream but if this irritation becomes severe, immediately apply a water-based paste with proven efficacy from 2 days of use to relieve and repair the skin of the buttocks. baby.

  • to proceed in order: wipes-liniment-diaper in case of stools and cream or water paste for the seat as needed or liniment-diaper in case of urine. Dry the area of ​​the seat well by patting gently before putting on the diaper, the humidity favoring maceration, and therefore, irritation.

Little tip: if you don’t want to experience the n°2 fear of parents (after the loss of the cuddly toy) of falling out of diapers on a Sunday evening at 10 p.m…. join the diaper subscription service Biolane online is fast and super convenient ! It allows to receive free your stock of nappies at home for a month, and it is customizable and without obligation! Check it out here

Baby’s toilet

A baby touches everything, it drools, it regurgitates, in short, it gets dirty quickly. So you have to be considerate and always make sure you have products to wash it off. The most practical, the wipes without a doubt … especially when mop! Otherwise prefer water and a soft cotton.

Once a day, gently cleanse using pure H2O watera real nugget with his one-handed pump which allows you to keep a hand on baby, to wipes and of physiological serum for eye care. Three times a week, this product will also be useful for the cleaning of the ears and, every day, that of the nose! The task is all the easier thanks to its secure tip that does not hurt baby. Nosing your baby’s nose is not an easy task, you will soak a cotton ball in it, before turning it on itself so as to create a sausage, and introducing it gently by rotating it in one nostril, then in the other. . Instant sneeze? Perfect, other phlegm is evacuating.

Baby’s massage

We don’t really know who of Baby or Mom/Dad is the happiest at the time of the massage, but the fact remains that with Biolane sweet almond oilthe pleasure is increased tenfold.

Did you know ?

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