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How should I clean my baby’s ears?

How should I clean my baby's ears?

One of the most delicate areas infants have is their ear, which plays a vital role in the development of the sense of hearing.

Due to their nature, parents often have many questions about their cleanliness, and out of fear they often choose not to clean them until they are older. The truth is that, far from preventing any ailment, it can be counterproductive to their health. In the following article we explain how to clean baby ears with success.

Just like trimming nails, it’s a nerve-wracking situation. However, it’s simpler than it looks. First of all, it is important to point out that you should never rely on the use of swabs or cotton wool or any other instrument used to introduce it into the child’s ear, because far from being good for the child, you could endanger his hearing health, since the rods damage the eardrum and the ears. Cotton wool segments are stored in the eardrum, and the child’s hearing could be damaged. ear causing infections.

Now we explain how to clean your baby’s ears. First, moisten a piece of gauze with warm water. Then very gently wipe the entire auricle area (the area of ​​the ear located outside the internal auditory canal). Next, move on to the creases and folds of the ear. Repeat this procedure daily to keep your ears clean. your little one’s ears.

You might be wondering why we haven’t talked about waxing. It is important to point out that the function of the wax is to prevent germs and bacteria from entering the auditory system. It is constantly regenerated and does not need to be removed, as it falls off on its own. This is why the ear is said to be one of the areas of the body with the ability to cleanse itself.

Unlike adults, babies have a much more fragile auditory system and are therefore more likely to suffer from otitis (inflammation of the ear). To avoid this, keep your child’s ears dry, especially after bathing or swimming. Also make sure the water is clean and meets all sanitary protocols.

On the other hand, keep your child away from objects that emit a lot of noise or noisy spaces. This will prevent damage to the eardrum and therefore damage to hearing.

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