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five ideas you hadn’t thought of to live it better

five ideas you hadn't thought of to live it better

Postpartum is a time of transition and recovery for the young mother. Here are some valuable tips to live it better.

The weeks following childbirth can be physically and psychologically trying. New pains, such as those related to the epidural or cesarean section, replace all the pain already experienced at the end of pregnancy. None of your old clothes fit you yet, and you’re tired of the ones you’ve been wearing for nine months. Add to all this a waltz of emotions because of your hormones and a beautiful little baby who demands your uninterrupted attention and care. Not to mention of course the other children in the family who need your attention.

In this often difficult transition period, how do you stay rooted in the essentials, while managing the practical issues?


Before giving birth, why not ask her friends and those around her to give you prayer intentions so that you can offer her pains for specific people and situations. “It carried me a lot during labor and delivery. I then continued to pray for these intentions when I took care of my baby, while the nights were interrupted by her crying and I recovered slowly, and I found that it was even more fruitful. During the first week of breastfeeding, each time my baby nursed and I felt like crying out in pain, I would recite a I salute you marie – gritting her teeth – for one of the people on my list of intentions,” says Marie, a 27-year-old mother.


The recovery time will be quite long, so now is the perfect time to catch up on movies, TV series, podcasts, books or articles. Why not plan a little ahead and choose content that will nurture your faith? However, choose carefully what you read and watch because during the postpartum period you can be physically and emotionally very sensitive. Focus on positive content that can nourish and soothe you. This is also the ideal opportunity to read Christian books and articles or watch films that advocate beautiful values.


If taking care of your body was important during pregnancy, it is just as important now as you recover. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and even if it is frustrating to see your body transformed, it is important to continue to take care of it gently. Staying hydrated is essential for recovery. If you’ve ever had eating disorders or issues with your body image, know that the postpartum period can bring it all up again. Your body goes through many transformations in your lifetime, and it’s valuable to learn to love it as it is, even if it doesn’t have the shape you had before.


It’s important to be able to share what’s going on in your life and in your body with other moms. It will simply help you to keep your spirits up! Connect with other moms at the park, after school or at prayer groups: you’ll have so many new things to talk about and share. Find people who understand you and who are going through what you are going through!

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To help you pray, the internet offers many solutions. For example, you can read the readings of the daily mass, listen to the rosary or discover other prayers, in particular on Aleteia, while you take care of your baby. You can also download prayer and Bible reading apps, which are just a few clicks away. It’s much easier with a baby in your arms to have your phone in your hand than a prayer book or a Bible.


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