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Favorite products for your little ones, 2022 edition

Favorite products for your little ones, 2022 edition

fashion accessories; clothing and footwear suitable for the four seasons; body, dental and hair care; comfortable and safe furnishings; cozy and comforting bedding; fun and educational toys… every parent agrees that raising a child doesn’t just take a village: it also takes a host of companies ready to provide everything baby (and mom) needs.

Thanks to local entrepreneurs like the ones listed below, the whole family is covered – from head to toe, on the go and in the bedroom!

Mini Pretzel

Fashion accessories for young and old

Mini Bretzel is a company started 4 years ago by a mother who was tired of being told she had a beautiful little boy when she had a little girl! She decided to put hair bands on him; as she couldn’t find anything that was so simple and feminine at the same time, she started her own company of accessories for babies and mothers.

Mini Bretzel offers headbands, hats, tuques, sunglasses and will launch in February a magnificent collection of pajamas for the whole family in the most comfortable fabrics and the most beautiful colors! The company can’t wait to introduce you to its new vocation, which will surely please you to create beautiful family moments in your pretty matching pajamas!

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For naturally soft nights

Created 15 years ago by a young father looking for the best products for his three babies, Kadolis is now supported by a team of enthusiasts who work every day to make the nights of toddlers softer and more natural, for their health. and that of the planet.

In an effort to offer the best to babies, Kadolis has developed its flagship product: the Cocolatex® mattress. Unlike the majority of mattresses made of polyurethane foam derived from petrochemicals, the Kadolis mattress is made from coconut fiber, natural latex and organic wool. Much appreciated by toddlers, it is safe, healthy and has a removable cover.

Kadolis also offers a range of organic cotton bedding: fitted sheets, mattress protectors, swaddling blankets, etc. All of its products are made with organic materials, guaranteed without chemical treatments and OEKO-TEX® certified.

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Two by two

stylish baby

Since its creation in 1986, the Quebec brand Deux par Deux has shaken up the world of children’s fashion in Canada and set the tone for the designers who will follow!

Recognized in the industry for its snowsuits, the one-piece suit designs for car seats have an opening in the crotch, whereas the baby nests have a removable bottom. The belt harness is passed inside the suit and buckled directly to baby’s body, while leaving the front panel open; no more excess heat in the car.

In addition, they are insulating against the cold down to -30°C, have a TEFLON EcoEliteTM treated outer fabric, a velor-lined body and a sherpa neck warmer included. In short, snowsuits made to withstand our typical Quebec winters! Discover stylish collections and original patterns that will appeal to parents and toddlers alike.

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Feather Box

Baby essentials box

Simplify your life with Plumme – the baby shop in a box. Each box contains a blend of high quality, ethically sourced products that moms and babies will love.

Whether it’s a gift box, baby subscription box or personalized gift box, Plumme has everything you need – all in one place. The company has found the best baby products so you don’t have to!

Plumme boxes have been designed to help parents discover wonderful essential and useful products for their baby. We alternate brands and products from one box to another and according to your budget. The goal: to make the experience of motherhood and fatherhood as easy and magical as possible.

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For dry feet all year round

Kamik, a Canadian brand with a rich heritage, offers a complete line of versatile shoes and clothing for the whole family. Robust, reliable and durable, its products keep feet dry, warm and comfortable all year round.

Since 1898, the brand has been honing its expertise and know-how from generation to generation and it will continue to protect the feet of those to come, just like its natural playground.

From in-house production to its recycling program supporting greener manufacturing initiatives, Kamik does its utmost to reduce its carbon footprint. In fact, 70% of products are manufactured in North America, thus reducing transportation and saving fuel. All of their Canadian-made black rain boots may contain up to 100% recycled rubber. In addition, Kamik’s liners produced in Canada are made almost entirely from recycled content.

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The little black sheep farm

Children’s fashion made in Montreal

Le Mouton Noir is an in-house brand created since 1991 for children from birth to 12 years old which offers an ethical and responsible collection made on site, in its workshop-boutique. Everything depends on the materials used and the choice of fabrics, not to mention the pretty prints. Small accessories are made with fabric scraps using as many materials as possible in order to reduce their ecological footprint. The simple cuts make them comfortable and fun to wear so you can play, dance and have fun!

Discover Mouton Noir’s evolving and multi-size clothes, designed to grow with your children! You will also find well-known brands from here and abroad, carefully chosen to complement the collection. All their products are available on their website for delivery anywhere in Canada.

The team invites you to visit its charming boutique located in the Rosemont district. You will love its unique side and its personalized welcome.

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Universal extensions, stroller skis and more!

Pregnancy should be a time of joyful anticipation, not stressful change. Your trusted, warm coat is probably the most expensive piece of clothing in your closet.

MakeMyBellyFit Universal Extensions work with virtually any closure so you can keep the coats you love while your belly grows, then share them with your newborn for extra comfort and warmth.

Since its beginnings in 2012, MakeMyBellyFit has grown to offer even more innovative products that help parents get outside in the winter with their newborns. A versatile carry bag, skis that turn your stroller into a sled and, recently launched, non-slip tire covers for added safety and control with your stroller on slippery surfaces. Stay in control this winter! Proudly made in Quebec (except tire covers).

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Mini Maestro

Trendy and eco-responsible musical toys

Mini Maestro is a Quebec brand of trendy and eco-responsible musical toys whose mission is to introduce preschool children to music through an educational and playful universe.

Music improves children’s cognitive, motor, socio-affective and language skills, in addition to helping shape their creativity, self-esteem and emotional management.

Mini Maestro offers musical teethers and rattles to stimulate the sensory development of babies, which bring everything to their mouths, as well as a range of musical instruments in beech wood for children aged three years and over. more. Their toys make excellent gifts that are sure to please the little ones around you!

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watch over you

A gentle and benevolent universe

Veille sur toi is a manufacturing company that has been offering night lights, comforters and blankets for toddlers since 2013.

The company also has a magnificent children’s boutique in Laval, where you will find unique and niche products. Discover a fine selection of Quebec products from its selection.

Welcome to her sweet and benevolent universe!

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Fun and educational games

Play is essential for the development of children from an early age, and Randolph understands this.

Following the success of Linkto games for adults, the publisher has developed a range suitable for toddlers: Les Petits Linkto. Two cooperative games that invite children aged 2 and over to associate cards with each other in various representations; two amusing themes, Fruits and Vegetables and Means of Transport, are proposed to accompany children in visual learning and the initiation to reading to link a drawing to a word.

These two games are perfect for having fun and developing vocabulary as well as observation. So if you’re looking for a game to start playing with your toddler, these two titles are for you!

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Toddlers cared for

Tout Naturellement is a Quebec family business that cares about the environment and the well-being of its customers.

Its products for the body, bath, shower, home – and even Pitou – are carefully prepared with top quality ingredients that meet the highest industry standards.

Its secret ingredient? The love of the profession!

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Dutailier Group

Reliability and durability

For more than 45 years, Dutailier’s mission has been to design and manufacture rocking chairs and armchairs. In addition to manufacturing all of its products 100% by hand in Quebec, the company makes every effort to offer reliable, durable products that meet the most stringent standards in terms of safety.

Dutailier offers a selection of rocking chairs and armchairs that are distinguished not only by their very long and fluid rocking, but also by their elegance and unparalleled comfort.

With thousands of combinations of fabrics, quality leathers and wood finishes, you’ll find the chair or armchair that fits your lifestyle and blends perfectly with your decor. All you have to do is rest and enjoy these moments of pure relaxation and happiness in the comfort of your home.

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As practical as they are aesthetic, the products put forward by local companies ensure that your children evolve at a good pace, grow up healthy and sleep soundly! We bet that this last aspect made you shiver with pleasure… 😉

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