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Eczema: are there miracle cures?

Eczema: are there miracle cures?

With Chloë Cordelier, naturopath based in Boussy-Saint-Antoine (91)

Natural relief: how to treat eczema, what are grandmother’s remedies?

Eczema: soothe itching

“Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) appears in bursts forming plaques and lesionsdry or oozing that itch”notedChloe Cordelier.

The whole body can be the target of eczema with, for the most common areas: folds (elbows, knees) as well as the face andscalp.

It develops, most often, in people with genetic predispositionsafter contact with an allergen (we will speak of contact eczema) or during a period of significant stress.

According to the naturopath, there are various effective natural techniques to relieve inflammation due to eczema, they will be done in addition to medical advice. “To soothe local manifestations, compresses of chamomile, rose or lavender hydrosol can be applied to the skin. If it is too sensitive, it is possible to vaporize them.”

The use of a natural moisturizing product helps regenerate the epidermis “We can use coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) for their emollient and healing properties. To wash, we recommend the use of mild soaps said “surgras” in which there is an excess of essential lipids to nourish the skinshe adds.

Bud macerates can also be useful. “You can use cedar-based macerate for anything that is dry irritation and elm-based macerate for oozing irritations.”

Finally, to preserve the skin, avoid taking too hot baths, using fabric softeners or perfume which will tend to dry out the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

Natural remedies for baby eczema

Before determining any method to soothe itching, it is important to identify the origin of this disease in the baby. “We must already understand how the eczema manifested itself. Is it following a change of milk, or an allergy during food diversification ?”, says Chloë Cordelier.

In addition, breastfeeding women have a real miracle cure for their child: their milk. “Breastfeeding mothers can have the colostrum or breast milk compresses on their baby’s skin” she explains. It helps relieve skin rashes due to eczema.

What foods to avoid in case of eczema?

Eczema: the right reflexes to have

“Numerous studies have highlighted the link between the imbalance microbiota intestinal with a depletion of the biodiversity of bacteria, the dysfunction of the immune system and eczema. A food rebalancing is therefore recommended to help in the accompaniment of atopic dermatitis. It is important to avoid sugary, refined and industrial foods, but also saturated fats. Sometimes it may be recommended to limit cow’s milk products, or even gluten “explains the practitioner.

According to the naturopath, a varied, balanced diet is essential to maintain a quality microbiota. “It will be necessary to favor seasonal vegetables and fruits, a sufficient intake of essential fatty acids, in particular Omega 3 with the consumption of small oily fish at least three times a week. Dairy products can temporarily be replaced by vegetable drinks for adults.

Review baby food

The food advice given can be transposed to the child while taking into account his age and his needs during food diversification. “If milk remains the baby’s main food, infant formula may be to blame. In this case, it is important that the parents approach a health professional for a possible modification of the infant milk” adds the naturopath.

Treating eczema: the benefits of intestinal probiotics

Most of the bacteria in the body (good or bad) is found in the gut and the one that colonizes the skin is known as skin microbiome. They influence the skin barrier by controlling different factors such as temperature, pH (acidity) and lipid content. These changes can aggravate the dysfunction of the skin barrier and thus cause eczema.

Probiotics help improve the good bacteria by maintaining the balance of the intestinal microbiomes, positively impacting the general state of the intestinal flora.

“Probiotics based on Lactobacillus ramnosus are recommended in case of eczema”, indicates the naturopath.

They are also important when taking antibiotics. Indeed, when the eczema is severe, the patient is subjected to a large dose of antibiotics which can also damage the good bacteria.

As a reminder, the naturopath is not authorized to carry out medical diagnosis. The advice given above in no way replaces a consultation with a doctor and intervenes in addition to a treatment prescribed by a specialized doctor.

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