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Does propolis really have benefits on the immune system, nail growth and against sore throat?

Does propolis really have benefits on the immune system, nail growth and against sore throat?

You may have already heard of propolis, a substance recommended at the approach of winter, and which would have interesting virtues for health. Nathalie Marchand, naturopath officiating at Biosens Laboratoire, tells us more about this natural product.

What is propolis?

like honey or Royal jelly, propolis is a product of the hive, prepared with ardor by our friends the bees. The latter draw on a resinous material produced by certain plants such as spruce or fir, to transform it and use it as mortar in the hive. The objective: to clean up the place by blocking potential viruses and fungi. It is from its virtues that this resin takes its name! Propolis means in Greek ” entrance to the city “.

The benefits of propolis

Propolis has nearly 300 active ingredients including flavonoids (anti-inflammatories and antioxidants), trace elements, minerals… », explains Nathalie Marchand. This whole cocktail has a preponderant action, which is antimicrobial, and therefore attacks viruses, fungi and other bacteria. ” Secondly, propolis can have healing propertiesand also has some nutritional value. »

Yellow, brown, red, green: which propolis to choose?

Propolis can come in different colors, depending on the plants it comes from.

  • yellow propolis (or brown, according to some) comes from our European flora: spruce, fir, birch, poplar…
  • Green propolis is found in the region of Brazil. In particular, it comes from a plant called field rosemary. It is a powerful antioxidant, but it is also more expensive.
  • red propolis originates in the north of Brazil, on the mangrove. It has a high flavonoid content but is also more expensive.

For our expert, it is not necessary to use too far. Our local propolis is already very effective, and has the merit of making less travel and being less expensive.

Capsule, spray, gums… which form of propolis do you prefer?

Propolis exists in many forms: in capsules, in syrup… There are even mouth sprays, which our pro considers particularly effective in the fight against sore throats. ” For children, there is also propolis embedded in honey, which may be easier to give “, she adds. For the rest, each form depends on your desires and the action you want to target. Nathalie Marchand recommends prefer organic products : this guarantees a better quality, but also a better treatment of the bees, which the human handles enough.

From what age can my child take propolis?

Bee products should not be integrated too quickly into your child’s diet. His digestive system is under construction, and he may not tolerate and digest certain foods well. Thus, before one year, we must not give him honey, under penalty of exposing him to potential infantile botulism, an infectious disease which weakens Baby. As for royal jelly, it is not recommended before 6 years. Finally, propolis can be given from the age of 3. ” In liquid form, it can be given 1 to 3 drops three times a day, for a week or two depending on its ailments. » If you take propolis for your child, make sure that the product does not contain alcohol or essential oils. Whatever happens, ask your pediatrician or doctor for advice. A food supplement or a natural remedy is not trivial.

Contraindications of propolis

People allergic to bee products or bee stings, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, should refrain from using propolis.

In addition, as a precautionary principle, it is recommended not to take it for people suffering from pollen allergy. We never know !

Should you take propolis before winter?

For Nathalie Marchand, propolis is rather to be taken at the time, when your entourage falls more and more under the yoke of winter viruses, for example. Indeed, propolis has an immediate action since it destroys “bad bacteria” such as viruses or fungi. For a longer-term preventive action, you can favor royal jelly, a source of vitamins and trace elements that strengthen the body over time.

Can propolis replace or accompany the taking of antibiotics?

Propolis has natural antibiotic properties. Can we therefore take propolis in addition to / replacing an antibiotic treatment? For Nathalie Marchand, nothing is less certain. Indeed, taking propolis in addition to antibiotics could have a deleterious effect on the microbiota (aka the good bacteria) of the body. Comply with your doctor’s recommendations and don’t be overzealous. The best is the enemy of good !

Propolis can however be used in addition to conventional drug treatment. A nasal or oral spray for sore throat when you have a cold and you only take paracetamol for example, or in case of gastroenteritis when you only take Spasfon. In any case, ask your doctor for advice!

Propolis: beware of excess!

Often, taking a natural treatment or herbal medicine seems harmless to us. We can therefore have a heavier hand, with less scruples than for a chemical treatment. Attention ! A food supplement, an essential oil or a plant used in herbal medicine should not be taken as a candy (even those in the form of gummies). In the case of propolis, as mentioned above, excessive intake can lead to an imbalance of the microbiota which would have deleterious effects for health. For your own good, respect the indicated doses!

Propolis in cosmetics

Faced with its benefits, some brands of cosmetics and care have taken over propolis. The latter helps in particular to fight against oxidation, a phenomenon at the origin of all nail damage. It also has benefits for the skin!

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