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From 14 months, baby’s behavior changes and his personality asserts itself. Motricity, elements of language, food, sleep, health… Here are all the stages of child development.

The age of 14 months is a turning point in a baby’s life. The reason ? This is the moment when his personality asserts itself and when he grows. Between awakening, motricity, the appearance of language, changing food and the start of walking, this age is not easy for parents and babies. We take stock of the major developmental stages of a 14-month-old baby.

Developmental milestones of a 14 month old baby

Although every child goes at their own pace, in most cases, at 14 months the baby begins to assert themselves in different ways. This is called the awakening of the child. His personality is taking shape and above all, he understands more and more things about your behavior with him. It very clearly identifies the mum(s) and/or the dad(s). An age that can sometimes push babies to test their parents. On the health side, at this age, a 14-month-old baby measures just under 80 cm and weighs nearly 10 kg. Weight and height may vary depending on children and gender (girl or boy). The child’s teeth can also come out at this age, but this can happen until they are 18 months old. Don’t panic if there are no teeth on the horizon yet.

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  • The appearance of language at 14 months

14 months is also the time when the first signs of language appear. At this age, he will begin to master certain words he has heard. This is the perfect time to accompany him in this step. How ? By naming objects, talking a lot with your child and having him repeat every word. At this age, if you ask your child to identify an object, he will point to it. Of course, if he doesn’t speak yet, or you notice that he must have had trouble identifying certain objects, don’t panic. Each child develops at their own pace.

  • Affirmation of personality at 14 months

To the delight of parents, the 14th month is also the time when babies assert their personality. Even if it means sometimes making his parents “go crazy”. At this age, he has “whims”. This generally indicates a frustration of the child. He cannot communicate and feels frustrated, so he will let it be known crying, or refusing something.To cope with this period, it is important for the parent to remain calm and verbalize things.This is a normal stage in a baby’s development.

  • Feeding a 14 month old baby

At this age, your baby will need about 1000 calories a day. The ideal is to offer him healthy and varied foods so that he gets used to eating everything. This is divided into 3 meals and a snack per day. For a balanced meal at this age, it is recommended to combine proteins (meat, fish), vegetables (mashed potato, carrot), dairy products (yogurt), cereals and pasta (biscuit, wholemeal bread), fruit ( compote). At 14 months, continue to give him a bottle of growing-up milk. The reason ? So that he can have sufficient nutritional intake to grow. It is also essential to give him water regularly.

  • The sleep of a 14 month old baby

A 14 month old baby sleeps a lot. At this age, he will need 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day (we know you crave that too). The development of the child can tire him more, especially if he learns to walk. Don’t worry if he sleeps a lot. In general, at this stage, one nap a day is enough. However, every child is different and some may need more sleep than others.

  • The start of walking at 14 months or more

It is also the beginning for some children of the march. Of course, at this stage, baby will be very unsteady and will try to walk several times. This stage can be very exhausting and frustrating for the child. He will regularly lose his balance. It is important for parents to encourage baby in this crucial stage of development. Finally, if your child hasn’t walked yet, there’s no need to worry, he’s going at his own pace and this should happen in the next few weeks.

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How to facilitate the development of your 14 month old baby?

As you have seen, the age of 14 months in a baby is crucial for its development. It is also a period when the parent must accompany his child and reassure him in this evolution. For this, it is recommended to show him the good gestures of everyday life. By involving him in household chores, by explaining to him what you are doing, by interacting with him through activities. At this age, he records everything and reproduces everything. It is also advisable to develop his social interactions as much as possible, play with him, talk to him, help him discover places, people, objects and materials. Finally, it is important to be clear in your intentions. If he makes a mistake, verbalize things calmly and make him understand that it’s “no”. Of course, you shouldn’t leave everything within baby’s reach. He will tend to touch everything and put certain things in his mouth. Be sure to store small objects or toxic products high up.

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Mistakes not to make with a 14 month old baby

It is not uncommon for parents to want to control everything at this age and to prevent their baby from doing certain things for their safety. However, it is by making mistakes, by analyzing his environment himself that he will develop. So there is no need to control everything. You have to let him crawl, get up, fall, let him feed himself, and encourage him to play with toys. Moreover, during this period, baby will be capricious and will tend to apprehend the separation. In order to avoid separation anxiety, all you have to do is explain to her what you’re doing, that you’ll be back, kiss her and leave. Over time, your child will understand that you are not abandoning him and will be reassured.

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