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Coming back after a caesarean section

Coming back after a caesarean section

Many mothers are apprehensive about the aftermath of childbirth. Those who are even more so are mothers who have given birth by caesarean section. Far from being the exception, this surgical operation concerns 21.4% of deliveries, according to the 2021 national perinatal survey. It is true that the few weeks following the birth of a baby are sometimes difficult. As after any surgery, the skin incised during the caesarean section needs a long time to rebuild. But rest assured, like all young mothers before you, you will take up the gauntlet, hands down!

First Post-Caesarean Commandment: Watch Your Scar

Your first imperative: closely monitor the postoperative course. After a caesarean section, the incision made during the operation forms a scar. It may be red, hard, painful or scratchy. Do not panic, during your stay at the maternity ward, the medical profession will explain to you how to treat it and which medications will be adapted to your new needs. Today, operating techniques limit the chances of an unsightly scar, but you will find in this file all the techniques to keep the most beautiful incision possible.

Protect your cesarean scar

During the first year after childbirthit is essential to protect your scar from the sun. Indeed, any excessively intense UV exposure could cause an inflammatory reaction, and lead to an unsightly and permanent coloring of the area concerned. To do this, at the beach, arm yourself with your SPF 50 sunscreen, special for sensitive and intolerant skin. And ideally, always cover the incision area with clothing or a bandage. Your C-section scar deserves care, and that’s part of it.

Manage post-caesarean pain

Beyond the scar, some pain related to the cesarean may appear shortly after the baby is born. Depending on the woman and the technique used, the duration of her discomfort ranges from a few days to a good month. Again, your midwife – or your gynecologist – can recommend a tailor-made treatment based on analgesics. You should also know that, like all new mothers, you will continue to have contractions while your body recovers from this beautiful event that is the birth of a baby.

When can we resume a sexual life after the cesarean section?

Back home, take advantage of your maternity leave, or even your parental education leave, to enjoy your sweetie… while taking care of yourself! Your goal: to get back in shape at your own pace, slowly but surely. For the moment, there is no question of resuming any sporting activity, nor of making too much effort or carrying heavy objects. In terms of married life, you will gradually find the intimacy shared with your spouse. Unlike sports, there are no contraindications when it comes to sex after cesarean section. Your only imperative: to feel ready… and consider using contraception. Indeed, it is strongly advised to wait between 12 and 18 months after delivery by cesarean section before embarking on the adventure of pregnancy again.

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