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Choose my crèche: the solution to the problem of childcare for employees

Choose my crèche: the solution to the problem of childcare for employees

Balancing professional and personal life when you are a new parent can be complicated. Employees often find themselves faced with the delicate question of the ideal mode of care for their baby.

Choisir ma crèche is a company that offers companies a tailor-made childcare service according to the needs of each parent.

Discover in this article the reference for early childhood: Choose my nursery.

Choose my crèche: an adapted childcare service

The arrival of a child in the family is a new bringer of joy. However, the newcomer’s childcare arrangements may give rise to some reflections in the employed parent. And for good reason, this stage is not often easy.

Indeed, municipal crèches welcome an impressive number of applications as the start of the new school year approaches. Depending on the region, hiring a nanny can be expensive and childminders do not always have very flexible hours.

More importantly, the mode of custody of the child has certain repercussions on the working life of the parent. If, for example, the child is entrusted to the care of a maternal assistant, the parent will have to prepare for all sorts of unforeseen events.

An illness or an unfortunate accident, anything can happen. The employed parent will therefore have to interrupt his work, which affects his productivity.

It is to alleviate these kinds of deplorable situations that Choose my crèche was born. Choose my crèche has a network of private crèches throughout France. This network joins forces with companies to offer their workers a place in a private crèche, regardless of the region or the time of year.

It is thus a company that helps parents who work in companies. She strives to offer their children a tailor-made care service by childcare professionals.

With 4000 places available at Choose my nursery, you can easily find a place in a nursery on for your baby.

Choose my crèche: tailor-made solutions to various problems

Choose my crèche: tailor-made solutions to various problems

Resorting to a crèche can be due to multiple reasons.

Indeed, the search for a crèche by employees can be tedious and time-consuming, which does not help the smooth running of the company.

Choosing my crèche offers an excellent alternative to business leaders or human resources managers concerned about the development of their employees.

When employees in positions of responsibility in the company are expecting a baby, you can anticipate your birth thanks to Choose my crèche. If the request comes from several of your employees, this system is even more suitable for you. This will prevent repetitive absences for childcare.

Choosing my crèche also allows you to gain the confidence of your new employees and to retain them. The adoption of this system will confirm to your employees your desire to offer them better working conditions.

Choose my crèche: childcare professionals at the service of your children

Choosing my crèche guarantees you support from qualified early childhood professionals.

A multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals

Choosing my crèche is overseen by a director (or director) who takes care of the administrative operation of the establishment. He works with collaborators whose mission is to ensure the well-being of children. These are:

  • crèche auxiliaries;
  • Early Childhood Educators (EJE);
  • of the nursery nurses ;
  • and nurses.

These people take care of the food, the siesta and the health of your children from 0 to 3 years old. They work together to assist your child during games and other activities, all according to a well-defined educational schedule.

Health, kitchen and maintenance professionals

In addition to early childhood specialists who could easily be associated with a crèche, other professionals are involved in Choose my nursery to provide additional expertise.

Health professionals (paediatrician, psychologist, psychomotrician) put their expertise at the service of the physiological, psychological and psychomotor developmentchildren. The psychologist is also responsible for advising the supervising team in order to optimize the care and attention given to the children.

For the growth of your employees’ children, Choisir ma crèche works with kitchen professionals. The company also makes it a point of honor to ensure the hygiene of crèche establishments in its network. The various rooms as well as the equipment used during the day are methodically cleaned in order toprovide a healthy environment for babies.

Choose my crèche: the advantages for business leaders

As a business manager, you certainly have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Indeed, you can discharge one of them on Choose my crèche: the responsibility of having to find crèches for your employees who have become new parents . This one makes many happy as this article explains. From finding the crèche that meets the various needs to putting you in touch with the parents, Choisir ma crèche takes care of everything.

This solution guarantees the return of your employees after maternity or paternity leave. Knowing that their babies are in a safe nursery will reduce their worries. Thus, they will be mentally present and able to invest 100% in the development of the structure.

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