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Child hygiene: 8 new treatments and organic products

Child hygiene: 8 new treatments and organic products

Up to 3 years old, our skin is immature. Permeable, it cannot receive all types of product, and is easily subject to reactions. The children’s cosmetics therefore aim to rebalance the skin florawhen it requires it, but also (and above all!) to prevent ailments, in order to limit the appearance of plaques and others.

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Mon Petit La Rosée, Baby moisturizing cream

face and body moisturizer, nourishes and soothes baby’s fragile skin perfectly, thanks to its very gentle and natural active ingredients, such as shea butter, aloe vera, beeswax or carnauba vegetable wax. The skin is more supple, very soft and delicately scented. The immature hydrolipidic film is repaired and protected.

13€90 on the Dew

Biolane, Certified Organic Cleansing Water, f500 ml pump bottle

Certified organic, this Biolane no-rinse Biolane cleansing water enriched with fair trade organic aloe vera is ideal for the sensitive skin of children.

7€50 on Biolane

Melvita, Baby Massage Oil

Organic massage oil for babies, based onorganic sunflower oil and enriched with organic camelina oil, hydrate, protected and softens its delicate skin thanks to its exceptional content of Omega 3 and Vitamin E. It allows you to share with baby a special moment and relaxing to allow him to become aware of your body and create a strong bond between parent and baby.

11€90 on Melvita

Patch, Hypoallergenic Dressing for Children – Bamboo & Coconut Oil

Bandages natural and hypoallergenicbamboo fiber breathable? Patch created them, and they are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Enriched with coconut oil which contributes to fight against virusesthem mushroomsthem germs and the inflammationsthis dressing is ideal for cuts and the scratches.

7€ on GreenWeez

Croll and Denecke, Long Bamboo Comb

Style your hair naturally! Bamboo does not conduct electricity. On contact with it, the hair is not charged with static electricity, avoiding headaches and migraines.

4€20 on Greenweez

What Matters, Baby body and hair

Who said you need one product for the hair and another for the skin? A 2-in-1 formula, specially designed to be the effective and gentle ally of little wolves and their mothers, with a natural formula enriched with Aloe Vera with moisturizing properties.

10€90 on What Matters

Acorelle, Certified Organic Baby First Teeth Balm

The organic first teeth balm is specially formulated to calm the inconvenience associated with teething and soothe sore gums.

Its formula hypoallergenicrich in soothing natural active ingredients, preserves the gums and soothes inflammation of the baby’s mouth:

  • Organic chamomile : Rich in flavonoids, it is recognized for its soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action;
  • Organic marshmallow : calms irritations and fights inflammations of the mouth;
  • Vegetal glycerine : moisturizes and softens the gums

6€95 on Acorelle

Cattier, Organic Marshmallow Flower Kids Detangling Spray

Cattier a leave-in detangling spray that facilitates styling and allows rapid detangling of children’s hair, even the most tangled. Its formula combines a natural detangling complexwhich helps to protect and strengthen the hair, with a gourmet fragrance with sweet notes. The hair, perfectly detangled and delicately scented, is soft and silky.

7€95 on Pascal Coste

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