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Child care – Three brands for babies to use without fear

Child care – Three brands for babies to use without fear

To take care of baby and the planet, discover these three brands of clean cosmetics to use without risk for your children’s skin.

The surface of a baby’s skin is proportionally greater than that of an adult. Compared to its weight, it is 2 to 3 times larger! This is why, a cosmetic that penetrates the skin of a baby is found at a concentration 2 to 3 times higher than in an adult, since it is more quickly and easily absorbed. The risk of allergy or toxicity is therefore significantly increased.

Care and hygiene products should therefore be chosen with the greatest care, avoiding irritating, allergenic, as well as endocrine disruptors Especially since the changes made several times a day during the first months of the baby increase the opportunities for any undesirable substances to penetrate into his body… This is why we have concocted this small selection of three ranges for babies, guaranteed clean. , safe and to use with eyes closed.

My Little Dew

The brand already adopted by the greatest with its ultraclean formulations has developed after 3 years of research a baby range, combined in four care products: a body and hair washing gel with vegetable glycerin (which does not sting the eyes, important! ), a cleansing milk with organic vegetable oils, a moisturizing face and body cream with organic shea butter and a 100% natural liniment with organic olive oil.
Why is it clean? The formulas of these four products are composed of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin. In addition, all the packs are recyclable and without overwrapping (like the other ranges of La Rosée).
The extra thing. We say yes to its affordable prices (from €6.90) which combine quality and safety, all without breaking the bank… The site here.

Centifolia Baby

The Baby Centifolia range includes four essential care products, certified organic, to meet all baby’s needs: hygiene, hydration, protection and well-being. This gives a Micellar Water, a Cleansing Gel, a Moisturizing Cream and a Massage Oil (from €8.95).

Why is it clean? The entire range is formulated from Cosmos Organic certified ingredients (therefore from organic farming). It is also formulated without essential oil, without alcohol and guaranteed high tolerance.
The extra thing. Its large formats, super easy to use (with pump bottles in particular) which make daily baby washing a special moment. The site here.

Acorelle Baby

We find a star ingredient of the brand in this range revisited for the little ones: the Mother Waters from the regional source Salies-de-Béarn, in the Pyrénées Atlantique. Unknown to the general public, these concentrates of thermal water are obtained by slow evaporation of the water drawn from the depths of the springs. After sampling the salt, these waters, which are very rich in magnesium and trace elements, provide added therapeutic value compared to “classic” thermal water. This gives a magical active ingredient for the skin, which can be found in the nine products of the range, which ranges from Sun Cream to Extra Mild Soap, via Eau de Senteur (from €6).

Why is it clean? The natural active ingredients found in this range are selected with the greatest care. Organic Aloe Vera juice, organic Marshmallow extract, organic Chamomile extract, organic French honey… nothing but very reassuring at the heart of these Cosmos Organic certified hypoallergenic formulas, which are a delight for sensitive skin.

The extra thing. The ultra-complete range, which allows you to acquire the very first baby products (his first sunscreen, his first “perfume”…) and which quickly becomes an essential in baby’s life (and ours). The site here.

Photo credits: Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

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