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Care: expert and natural products for baby’s skin

Care: expert and natural products for baby's skin

Baby’s skin has no equal in tenderizing us. Different from that of adults, it has specific characteristics: it is thinner – the dermis and epidermis layers of toddlers are less thick – and its absorption capacity is greater, which means that the products with which it comes into contact penetrate deeper. In addition, its hydrolipidic film is less abundant, so it is more sensitive to external aggressions. It is also more vulnerable to UV because its production of melanin is lower. Young parents want to take care of it and protect it with products that are ever more natural, safer, more effective and more respectful of the environment, because thinking about toddlers also means thinking about tomorrow. Between expertise and naturalness, they do not wish to make any concessions and simply choose what is best for their child.

Dermo-pediatric expertise at the service of babies’ skin

100% pure and natural, theUriage Thermal Water is naturally virtuous and comforting for baby’s skin: with a unique mineral composition of 11 grams per litre, this isotonic water, born in the heart of the mountains, acts in osmosis with skin cells. It promotes the synthesis of 2 key proteins : filaggrinwhich strengthens the skin barrier and the peter pan 4, which protects the skin from dehydration. Its natural properties and its interest have been recognized since the 19th century. This is why Uriage, a dermo-pediatric expert, places it at the heart of its care. Committed to always doing better for the hygiene and care of babies, the brand has reformulated the 28 products in its 1st baby care range around an innovative, natural and local complex, made up of Uriage Thermal Water and Organic Edelweiss both from the French Alps.

Formulas that concentrate the best of nature…

From washing oil for the bath to moisturizing cream, from cleansing water to shampoo, the products provide the best in hygiene and daily care: baby first aid contain up to 98% ingredients of natural origin. They are hypoallergenic and without preservatives, to best respect and preserve the balance of baby’s skin while guaranteeing parents optimal safety in terms of tolerance and effectiveness: the 1st baby care products are tested under pediatric and dermatological control and subjected to clinical tests. The soothing and sensory formulas have a light, delicate and floral scent that blends with the smell of baby’s skin, without masking it. Beyond everyday care, the range also meets specific needs, with the anti-itching balm or the drying spray.

… thoughts for today and tomorrow

Offering the best for babies also means sustainably reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. It is for this reason that the formulas of 1st baby care are biodegradable, that the products are made in France and the packaging is eco-designed. Specifically, the bottles offer better recyclability and are made from 25% recycled plastics. In addition, the notices are removed, the cases are adjusted, which ultimately represents 663 trees and 39 tons of paper backed up each year. To go even further, the 1st Solid Cleansing Cream, formulated around a gentle cleansing base without palm oil, is packaged in a paper case. 100% recyclable, which avoids the use of 1.8 tons of plastic per year. The challenge of combining naturalness, dermo-pediatric expertise and eco-responsibility for baby care has been met!

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